Friday, October 30, 2009

30 mins

These days I'm living in a 30 minutes earlier life.

They said 7 pm dance practice, but 7.30 then they reached.
Practice this morning at 8am, but 8.30 still no one there.
I reached there at 8.25am, and only nearly 9 am they start.
2.30 rehearsal, but last min cannot make it, so 3 pm.

I'm exhausted, so after lunch I took a nap.
Over slept and I woke up 2.20pm.
So i went to CLT (one of the sections in my uni) straight away but no one's there.
Called them up, they still at multi purpose hall?

When I reach the hall, if there was another 1% of tiredness in my brain, I will collapsed.
Felt dizzy because the shock when I woke up and I thought I was late, who knows they changed the time to 3pm.

My dancemate had an obvious panda eye.
Another one brought pillow and sleep =.=

Bah going to dinner now. Tata

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hardest thing to do

Me and Yvonne discussed the hardest thing to do having long nails. We got the same answer XD

The hardest thing to do is going to the toilet.
not clear enough?
Clean your butt lor~
It's pretty hard! U can try.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I want nobody but U

Opps, been long for not updating news for u guys.
Busy because gala night and dancing competition is coming soon! Rehearsal this friday!

Never show you my lecture hall...
see how comfortable my lecturer is, sitting on a sofa.
We were watching a cartoon to learn about economy.
The cartoon with 3 ducks, a disney channel cartoon, rich ducks. What's the name again?

Gave a surprise for yee's birthday

and celebrated my grandma's birthday.
Want to show you guys a video on how cool my family is, but, guess not that good to expose my family that much?
Because the sang birthday songs in hokkien, chinese, english, fu zhou, cantonese XD

Isn't this cool? ladies night!

It's been days that I don't even have the time to chat with Hua.
Even my dad called me in the evening, and I was sleeping x.x

Plan for tomorrow beside doing assignment:
- Get a black long pants.
- Gao dim my baju kurung (Anirus's workers are so mafan)
- Buy Pride and Prejudice dvd (I slept when my tutor asked us to watch x.x Guess I'll sleep again even I watch it at home)
Buy Muchy's crackers ( It's been 2 weeks that I get hungry for every hour)

I spent about $40+ this week, all on foods!
Still thinking whether to skip this saturday's lecture as our lecturer
said we can choose not to come...hmmmm

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I fell down outside hostel while walking down the stone-stairs,
& seriously injured.

It looks better here, in fact it's worse, it looks like bleeding non-stop.

I wonder if this is normal. Because whenever I wear flats or sneakers, or whatever shoes it is flat, I'll crack my ankle when I walk.
Because I cracked my ankle again, that's why I slipped.

1st thing after I slipped, I cry 1st la.
...cozz...cozz...I'm worry of scarsss....:'(

Friday, October 23, 2009

happiest ever!

I'm chosen to dance modern!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

U know housewife dance?

Uni is so interesting. Event-ful~ Gala night and talent competition are coming.


NO! Had a last minute dancing audition!
Out of 21, they have to choose 16 for the performance.
This is so cruel!

Tonight is the most embarrass day since I enter uni.
They pick a song randomly, and u have to free-style.
Never heard of that song, and I can't think of the next steps!
malu malu...:(

I was commented 'confidence', but have to improve tempo-following.

Friday will announce the result.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


I'm feeling dizzy now.

Went to Bandar...

..and it's my 1st time being so near to Kampong Ayer.
Few boats asked if we want to have a ride.

Went to Bandar because was going to 丰满楼 (Feng Man Lou) to eat dim sum.

This is the shop where people exchange their valuable stuff for money.
But it was closed. May be it's no more a trend.

Sim was asking Yvonne to look at a article,

but actually he was skyp-ing with Rachel.
They were trying to take pic of people's blur look.
How bad~

I complained the whole day yesterday, si beh angry.

KN 5234 threw a big plastic bottle out of his car when we are driving at the right lane (meaning in a fast speed).
1st, Littering is not allowed.
2nd, How dangerous it is! my tire just go through the bottle, how if it made my tyre go to another side!?
Luckily, I wasn't driving that fast.

I ordered Ideal for dinner through phone.
The Ideal guy had repeated the order and confirmed the price.
Hua went to get the order, it was more expensive and the 70% of the order is incorrect!
Value meal #1 was missing;
I ordered meat ball but I received cheeze ball
I didn't order sausage, but there was 2 packets of it.
Drink was missing!!!!
The worst day and dinner ever.

Ok, it might not be that serious for you,
but the problem is, I don't like cheeze ball and the sausages!
Just like u're eating poo (ok I don't know what foods u hate)

If there's an email, I would complain!
If I was the one who pick up the foods, I the beh-song face.

went to Miri and had a small car accident.
We were waiting for the traffic light turning right,
it was green and we were about to move ahead,
the car at the left suddenly went to the right (which is in front of us),
could not break and BANG!
The side got a little scratch and bengkok.

The Miri-ian didn't apologize, didn't have the intention to pay,
and he looked very ngong.

Didn't want to waste time so didn't argue that much,
didn't report to police.

Luckily, a friend told us that,
if we report to police, no matter right or wrong, both sides have to pay RM 300.

oh, hate dizzy-ness

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dirty kitchen

(currently in hostel)
Instant mee for my lunch today! Just went to the kitchen to boil water and saw something that I always don't hope to see.

Now I believe what Mr.Shim said, "Some people can just don't wash the plates for few days."

There are ants all over and it has turned bad already.

1st, if you can't finish it, you can just put it in the fridge.

2nd, if u don't put it in the fridge, it turns bad. And what's the difference that you just throw it if u can't finish. Don't expect people will eat it the next day, coz it turned bad already!

It looks just definitely worst than the pic above. I don't hope to see it too.

It's been few times, I have thrown the foods and helped to wash the plates.
But this time, ewww, don't dare to touch it.

Watched Tsunami.

Korea movie always brings a bit comedy. The front part of the movie is really HAHA.

Nice movie. Gonna watch 2012 when it launches.

Survey shows that people love to watch these kind of disaster movie because you don't have a chance to see when it really comes.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Role play

Woot...slept at 1 or 2 am these few days.

and 2 essays have to be submitted in one week!

UBD gala night is coming, have to practice at least one dance.

I have to be:
a daughter
a girlfriend
a friend
an employee
a dancer
a student
table tennis trainee

How many roles can u play?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mom's love

My mom the latest AMC machine which can cook almost everything!
Ice cream, chicken rice, juice, bread etc.

I went back home on Sat, she made lemon juice.

On Sun, lemon juice again, orange+carrot juice.

On Mon, red bean and black bean drink.

Wonder what's next.

Today, I didn't eat anything, only drink.
So damn hungry and I cant concentrate in class.
Hungriest day in my life!
Coz I woke up late :(

Shoo to do presentation!

Hate challenging ASSIGNMENTs, and yet love it

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sui cha boh

Did rebond and cut. Sui o?^^

I feel like my curl before make me abnormal, I feel so normal now.
Feel like me~

The salon girl said that I have serious hair dropping. No~ I don't wanna get bald in my 20s.
I think should be my hair too dry, coz my curl really killing me.
Gonna be hardworking and do treatment, eat more fruits, consume more vit!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Zipper bags?

There's always a reason for every creation.
I asked, "Why they use blue and yellow for the zipper bag but not other colours?"

Then I found at the packaging it says,

"Blue and yellow will become green to let u know that it's closed."


Yesterday went to arcade, not to play the games but to collect the tickets (to exchange stuffs).

Friends gave me. How much?
my pocket had no enough space and have to "borrow" someone else's pocket.

Hua counted nearly 700 tickets, wonder if he counted wrong.

Ciao to do my workS.
bizzy bizzy

Thursday, October 8, 2009

One alive?

My friend said that in the radio few days ago, said that, tsunami is coming to Sarawak and Sabah!
....and Brunei is right in the middle!

Video: Big wave at Berakas beach

In the TV I watched, "Impossible-s have become possible-s."

Meaning, the places which never have disaster before had became disastrous.

Friend said, "Singapore had earthquake."
I didn't know about this.

It's so pain that we know we gonna die, but don't know when!
Just like how the prisoners feel, "We are waiting to die."

Solutions - possible or not:

It may be impossible that the whole earth get destroyed at a time.
It might be the north 1st, then the south, then the east and west.

When country A is having disaster, coincidentally Lucky is at country B.
When he goes back to country A, country B is having disaster.
Thus, he escapades from all these disaster.

So is it possible that everyone would die?
Dooms day possible?
If there is one person left in the earth, then it's not considered dooms day right?
This probability one of zillions ^^

Oh, enough depressions, or I'll become crazy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Spot Yaya at Empire Hotel. Who did she go with?
Andy Lau or Jacky Cheong?


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chloe 杀青 &Mooncake BBQ

Chloe 杀青了!

I'm looking forward to watch.

CLICK for info.


We had BBQ for mookcake!

Love BBQ chicken!

Know what's this?

This is a baby projector with music and cartoon to make baby sleep.
The image keep going round and round, like changing images la =.=

So cute! romantic! I want to sleep like that too!

Guess what! I said I miss agar-agar mooncake, and yesterday my mom bought it.

Tsunami is coming to Brunei, said my aunt.

Preventions! Is Brunei doing something to prevent disaster?
There was a survey asking people whether is there a need to prevent or not. and most of us said YES!
Any actions taken?

Natural disasters are hard to prevent.
My secondary teacher told us that tsunami will be in brunei in 2009. But don't know when.

Hope Guan Yin Ma, Jesus and Allah can combine together to help us survive.

I'll try to do as much good things as possible.

I won't let my opponent win in table tennis, but I can give a smile to her.
I might not join world vision, donate to beggar, but I can help the people beside me.

So emo eh, worry wa ><>

Friday, October 2, 2009

I don't like cats

Urban shooting

My very 1st cute pose ain't cute @.@
Suit me meh?
Not bad la ho XD
Should say, the photographer not bad XD



and tomorrow we have BBQ!

No! Tomorrow have to drive a long journey, tired x.x
Haven't get my A level cert yet, that's why have to go kb...
2 hrs drive ! :'(

I miss agar-agar mooncake.