Friday, October 30, 2009

30 mins

These days I'm living in a 30 minutes earlier life.

They said 7 pm dance practice, but 7.30 then they reached.
Practice this morning at 8am, but 8.30 still no one there.
I reached there at 8.25am, and only nearly 9 am they start.
2.30 rehearsal, but last min cannot make it, so 3 pm.

I'm exhausted, so after lunch I took a nap.
Over slept and I woke up 2.20pm.
So i went to CLT (one of the sections in my uni) straight away but no one's there.
Called them up, they still at multi purpose hall?

When I reach the hall, if there was another 1% of tiredness in my brain, I will collapsed.
Felt dizzy because the shock when I woke up and I thought I was late, who knows they changed the time to 3pm.

My dancemate had an obvious panda eye.
Another one brought pillow and sleep =.=

Bah going to dinner now. Tata

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