Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I want nobody but U

Opps, been long for not updating news for u guys.
Busy because gala night and dancing competition is coming soon! Rehearsal this friday!

Never show you my lecture hall...
see how comfortable my lecturer is, sitting on a sofa.
We were watching a cartoon to learn about economy.
The cartoon with 3 ducks, a disney channel cartoon, rich ducks. What's the name again?

Gave a surprise for yee's birthday

and celebrated my grandma's birthday.
Want to show you guys a video on how cool my family is, but, guess not that good to expose my family that much?
Because the sang birthday songs in hokkien, chinese, english, fu zhou, cantonese XD

Isn't this cool? ladies night!

It's been days that I don't even have the time to chat with Hua.
Even my dad called me in the evening, and I was sleeping x.x

Plan for tomorrow beside doing assignment:
- Get a black long pants.
- Gao dim my baju kurung (Anirus's workers are so mafan)
- Buy Pride and Prejudice dvd (I slept when my tutor asked us to watch x.x Guess I'll sleep again even I watch it at home)
Buy Muchy's crackers ( It's been 2 weeks that I get hungry for every hour)

I spent about $40+ this week, all on foods!
Still thinking whether to skip this saturday's lecture as our lecturer
said we can choose not to come...hmmmm

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