Thursday, October 8, 2009

One alive?

My friend said that in the radio few days ago, said that, tsunami is coming to Sarawak and Sabah!
....and Brunei is right in the middle!

Video: Big wave at Berakas beach

In the TV I watched, "Impossible-s have become possible-s."

Meaning, the places which never have disaster before had became disastrous.

Friend said, "Singapore had earthquake."
I didn't know about this.

It's so pain that we know we gonna die, but don't know when!
Just like how the prisoners feel, "We are waiting to die."

Solutions - possible or not:

It may be impossible that the whole earth get destroyed at a time.
It might be the north 1st, then the south, then the east and west.

When country A is having disaster, coincidentally Lucky is at country B.
When he goes back to country A, country B is having disaster.
Thus, he escapades from all these disaster.

So is it possible that everyone would die?
Dooms day possible?
If there is one person left in the earth, then it's not considered dooms day right?
This probability one of zillions ^^

Oh, enough depressions, or I'll become crazy.

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