Thursday, March 29, 2012

这是她的故事 (Behind the Scenes)

On one lovely day...1 hairstylist, 2 photographers, 3 models had their photo shoots at AC house (thanks to him).

You are wondering "OMG! Nice photos! How did u guys make it?"

It all comes with good planning and the professionals.

Before the day of the shoots, we discussed about everything, includes what style suits which model.
And I'm always the wild one.

Complicated stuff

Andy Law the hairstylist.

Yong the photographer

Roy the photographer

...and me the wild girl who got dumped by the boyfriend.:D

Wednesday, March 28, 2012








Hair Stylist: Andy Law
Photographer: Roy ( & Yong (Lok-Tiung Yong @ Facebook)

You can find Andy at:
Location: No. 7, Ground Floor, Bgn Hj Hassan Abdullah, Kmp Menglait Gadong, Brunei
#: 2422190

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger Games

I'm not a movie person, I choose movie to watch in cinema, else I'll fell asleep in there.

I was invited by RA to watch Hunger Games. I watched the trailer before that and it seems interesting...and a bit scary. In fact, it's a nice action movie! Must watch!

You can download Hunger Game in your iPhone, not sure if Android has one.

I'm gonna watch the Snow White movie next!

Monday, March 26, 2012

All about Carol

I'm very single now, Carol just left me few days ago for a better future in Singapore.
How dramatic that so much happened in between when she first decided to go Singapore last November, then she changed her mind, then she really left Brunei on last Saturday.

We first met at our dance practice for Laneige 5th Anniversary in 2010
The first impression was "why is she wearing so nice to a dance practice?"
And we thought she got something wrong at the bladder because she goes to washroom so often.

I never thought we would become so close. 
Normally those friends you dance together, you may contact for a while, and after that lost contact.

I don't think we were that close yet at this time.
This was Caiyen's Extraordinary Birthday Bash at Villa.

Our Facts: We are great supporters of theme party. We will always find our best outfit to fulfill the theme requirements. You know, people sometimes don't follow!! hmph!

It's her in the mascot.

How we became so close?
I didn't really have a girl BFF last time, so I thought why not I try to get close with Carol?
I didn't have a hard time with that because Carol is very friendly, she can talk about anything, and we both are "yellow-ish".
I started my "plan", lol, by going to her shop (Barely There) everytime I'm free, just to accompany her and chat.
If I didn't go to her shop so often, we won't be so close like now!

Then we joined parties and events, as time passes, we become closer. 

Or may be because we have the same hobby? May be huh...

She likes to sing and has a great voice. 
I didn't really like to sing during that time, I started singing just recently.

We celebrated Carol's birthday at Senja with Alvin.

She attended my cousin's wedding reception. 
Funny thing that my cousin and Carol they never see each other until the wedding day.
She was invited because she is her sister's and my friend.

A quick lunch at Autrium. 
There was a period that she need to look after the shop and we didn't really go out. 

OK, I'm very ugly here.
Lim teh after work time shower and make up.

We are so free that we dress up and take photos in whatever poses. 
and I'm not gonna post it here :p

Was invited by RA to a cooking class, and was the first time that I really talk to him.

I have been reading RA blog for few years, I even attended some of the events organised by him.
Not sure if I'm consider a fans, because I don't really know anything about him, I only read his website.

At Laneige 6th Anniversary, I pointed RA and told Carol "du....he's my idol, Rano!"  
Carol "Rano!!?? Which one? Where is he? I wanna ask him cover Barely There."

After that they turned from blogger-client to good friends. How amazing! I introduce RA to Carol and now they become good friends, and I never talked to RA yet!

OMG! I'm talking abt RA now, this is Carol's post! Anyway, yea, they become good friends, and since I'm Carol's sister, so I have the chance to become one of the RA's good friends too ^^

We decided to make a lip sync video this day:

We are crazy, so may be only Carol is.
She came out with this idea to eat 5 bowls of rice and BLOG it up!
Oh ya, she just started to blog, and really into it, whatever she does, she will just BLOG THEM UP!

Then we had eating burger contest lol
Yea, we are very bo-liao. 
It's very hard to find someone who is willing to do something together, especially those stupid things. 

Went to see the Empire's X'mas decorations.

We joined the Halloween.

We Sing K everytime!

So Carol said "Let's cook together.......and BLOG IT UP!"

Photo fail! So ugly...and I don't even care at this time to show you our ugly sides. 

Carol seen from somewhere that some girls take good photo of their legs at this pose.
But WTF why we can't look sexy in this pose when others can?
Look at my carrot legs =.="

Then we went to check out the Bike Night, and then guys went crazy when they see us...or may be Carol who made them crazy. 

We joined Laneige Broadway Photo Contest together.
I can't find her photo x.x

The day that I told her that my dream is to suck women's nipple because I wonder how the baby feels.

She watched most of the football matches and I wonder what's so interesting.
So I was persuaded by her to watch the Final.
The match was boring, but the cheer is interesting and energetic!

She was running away from me because I want to take a photo of her.
I like to make fun of her working attires. 
She wears the weirdest working attire. 
The blouse sometimes doesn't match the pants/skirts;
She wears like she's going to a ball;
I vomit blood when I saw her wearing a cheong sam! WHO THE HELL WEAR CHEONGSAM TO WORK!
She even wore a vietnam traditional outfit to work =.="

However, she may be the most attractive one in the office. 

RA bash.

Ladies night

We do advertorial together for Andy Salon, Laneige and Lawa Lawa. 
Will be showing more photos of the advertorial.

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when u heard "Carol"?
Pang bua liap (put half ball)!

Our last dinner at Cheesebox.

Last sing K session at Seri Lembayung.

The day when she text me that she is leaving.
I took leave and accompanied/helped her out. 

Empty room finally

and we camped here ^^

She told me she has a better offer in Singapore last November. I cried till my lungs out because I don't wanna lose her. No one like her will accompany me and do crazy things with me. 

I cried when I heard the song "Someone like You" by Adele. I don't really listen to a song's lyrics, I heard nothing of the lyrics but "Nevermind I'll find someone like you...." it was saying my thought that time.

She would only stay if she found a work in Brunei.
I send her tonnes of email address to send her CV.
She finally found her job and decided to stay! I was so fucking happy.

Ok whatever on my make up. 
I couldn't find a fake eyelashes that time and it turned out weird.

Last dinner at Mituo with Ridwan.

Our Facts: She likes to eat vegetable stalks and I like the leaves. No fight yea!

We woke up at 5am to get ready and down to Miri. 

First stop at my house. Was excited that I can bring her to visit my home.

Don't go to Boulevard restaurant to eat dim sum, not even yummy.
And they don't know what is xiu long bao!
They don't know what is cha siu fried rice!

The men that drove us down.

First time I felt bored in Miri. Because I have nothing to buy. 
So we went to eat snowflakes.

Our last picture of the month.
No, we didn't cry. Because she is coming back soon!
And Singapore is so near to Brunei.

I never do so much because of someone, but I'm not sure why I can sacrifice everything just for Carol.
If people who don't know me may think I'm a lesbian. Yea, I thought of that too, but I'm sure I'm not. But I don't mind tho...LOL-ness
We never fight before. 
Some people approach someone with purpose, or they may avoid something. But I expose everything in front of her, except for my body. I don't see a line between us. 
Yea, I saw her nipple accidentally before but never suck it....YET! kns
Carol not gonna come back anymore after she sees this lol

Anyway, I make this post sounds like she never come back anymore.
But she is!
And receive lots of stuffs from her, her stuffs that she is not able to bring along. 

There are so much unexpected things.
We never expect she will be leaving on 31st March.
We never expect she suddenly wants to leave on 24th March.
We never expect what will happen next.
So, Appreciate before you regret.