Thursday, March 15, 2012


When I chit chat with my friends, talking about the past, I really wonder why was I so naive. Even few friends think that too. Sometimes I only realise after some time *sigh*

Few ridiculous examples:

1. a He told me that the "bruise" on his neck was a removed tattoo.
    Before: I trust you!
    Now: what makes me believe him ah?

2. He: I only hold the beer and take picture, I didn't drink.
    Before: He's no more a drinker ba, trust him!
    Now: wtf! who the hell in the world will hold a beer but no drink =.="

3. I was wearing my swim suit and ready to jump into the pool. A friend said "wah sexy o~~" I felt so paiseh because they all were wearing t-shirt.
I then changed to a black singlet. Friend, "don't wear so nice, later your singlet colour will fade."
Then I finally changed to my table tennis sports wear: 
Before: Ha~~ really so serious ah? I don't want to spoil my singlet. OK, I go change.
Now: wtf! I never swim meh. This kind of thing I also believe.

4. He: I'm too upset and I just got a car accident, going hospital now.
    Before: I feel so guilty for making him moody.

    A friend then told me the next day "He party with us yesterday lo!"
    Me: wtf!

Now I'm clever.

来,I contribute this song to u all:

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