Friday, March 23, 2012


We decided to dine at Mituo, a vegetarian restaurant at Seri.
The name actually comes from o-mi-tuo-fo.

When I was a kid, I don't find vegetarian foods delicious, they taste weird to me.
Until when my cousin treated me lunch at the vegetarian restaurant at Menglait, I was surprised that the foods can taste like meat.

I was surprised to see this. 
It was a buffet and you can pay any amount you want. And the $$ will go for charity. 

How can a restaurant make profit if it allows customers to pay as they wish every time? 
No no no, normally customers need to pay their bill.
Yesterday was 1st March in Chinese calender, that's why.
Some Chinese eat vegetarian foods, go to temple, on the first and fifteenth day of the month. 
However, I'm not one of them. Not every Chinese does that. 

The rules are you need to clean the table after you eat. 
No wasting foods, you must finish them all.
You serve yourself, no one gonna serve you yea. The staffs only refill the foods and wash the plates.

I think this kind of practices/activity is quite good because you can do charity at the same time, you can see people are well-mannered because they clean their table, and eating vegetables can save the environment and save the animals' life

I eat vegetables quite often actually. Especially when I cook myself in hostel, I normally cook vegetable for the whole week because they are easy to cook lol
So I only eat meat in the weekend when I go home. 
Sometimes I don't even feel like eating meat when I'm at home or outside because may be I have used to the healthy foods like vegetables. 

Eat more vegetables, 
Save the animals,
Save the environment,
Save yourself,
Be healthy!

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