Monday, March 5, 2012

Bikes exhibition at JP

So we decided to cook noodles at home on Friday Night.

Is this your dream married life? 
The husband washes and wife cooks. *sweet*

Chin will be a very good husband in the future because he cooks well!
Find this kind of husband, girls! 

Ok this picture looks weird

Then we went to the Bike Exhibition at JP.

I actually took a car drift before because my friend is a drifter.
And I will never take a drift again (maybe), because I feel I'm close to death.

The car racer likes Angry Bird too!

This guy poses when I took out my cam lol

Some of the bikers are from Malaysia. 

It costs B$53+ k

Guess they are tourists. Waved at me when I took out my cam lol
Met quite a lot of friendly people that day.

A sea of bikes.

Met RA.

Its owner likes Angry Bird.

Its owner is a playboy!
The bikers design their own bike with theme they like. 

The band entertaining the visitors.

One of the groups

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