Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Buurpday to Ridwan

 It's Ridwan birthday on Saturday night!
Celebrated at his restaurant (Pondok Sari Wangi).
What's the "sure"? Delicious foods for sure!

This post will be more interesting if you empty your stomach now!
Go poo! Go vomit all the foods now!!!

Attached Jayden's flash light to my G12 turned out awesome photos!

Yea, society now....phone! Online!
No more boring while waiting for others to come.

 Ready to listen ur tummy GRRRR~
Very well cooked, the delicious is very indescribable. 

One of my fav sashimi, Hokigai.
But this is not sashimi, it's Hokigai Mango Salad.

Not only to please your tummy, but please your eyes with girls while you're eating lol


Fried Halibut with garlic soya sauce

Braised Slipper Lobster

Cheryl: You guys done taking photos or not...can't wait to eat!

Fried Crab with Padang Sauce

Buns to be mixed with the crab sauce

Here comes the Coffee Bean cake for Coffee Bean loyal customer!

Yea, iPhones surrounded

I wish...

The crab king!

Self shot of us self-shooting
damn it, my scar is so obvious that day =.= the reason I didn't lots of photos of myself, not a photogenic day.

Carol's new love, the stitch cover

ugly enough that Don't-Smile photo lol

Me: I love your boobs!

Carol: I know right!

Thanis's sexy arse

Thanis said this looks like his butt lol

The ladies' job.

This is not The End yet...

...the Night Is Still Young!
I didn't realise but the guys realise that girls like to take photos in the toilet.

Thanks and Happy Birthday Ridwan~

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