Thursday, March 1, 2012

Save hard, Enjoy hard

I can't live without planner. My life will be miserable and mess up without a planner to record what I have done and remind me every little things. I'm forgetful, so I will either pen it down, or type reminders in my phone.

Nono, my point here is not actually about I'm forgetful.

I have a habit since I was a teenager studying in a secondary school, I started writing down my expenses.

I first wrote down the WHOLE FAMILY'S EXPENSES, especially my mom's groceries, because I was curious how much my mom spends for the family in a month.

Then I started to feel lazy because my mom always buys a lot in one-go! Since I was young and stupid, I was confusing with the quantity and prices.

After that I only note down my expenses. I sum it every month. And it became my habit until now.

I didn't have a phone, so I wrote them in a small book.

After few years when I was 20, I got a smart phone, I then download an application for recording the expenses.
It's pretty useful and convenient. It categorises everything, so u can read your expenses in different ways, "Monthly", "Daily", "By date", "By Categories", etc.
It's an Android App, I forgot the name as my phone is in "ICU" now.

So, while my Android phone is in "ICU", I record my expenses in my iPhone:

Then sum up in my planner because my planner has a page for this:

You can buy the expenses app in your iphone too.

Or you can do an excel like what I did before.

Some of you sometimes say "I dont know where I spend lo...I didn't buy much lo..."

By recording it, you will know and can manage your finance well.

Everyday you spend a little bit here and there, for lunch and petrol, you wont realise that you actually spend a lot for a month.

Another way to save money is not withdrawing all you salary from the bank. May be keep at least $150 a month in your bank.
In a year you can save $150 x 12 = $1800
After 5 years when you getting married, you will have $9000. Enough for a small wedding. lol

So save from young. Even you're not working, you can save from your allowance or part time jobs.

When I got a job after I graduate when I'm around 23, I hope I can save $250 a month.
A year I will have $3000.
And when I want to get marry at 29, I will have $18,000.

But you think I will use my money for wedding!? No way...Im gonna marry a financially stable man...hopefully ><

Shytes like "Play while young! Work hard, play hard!" True also...hmmm...

I know I will not be rich at the end of my life, because every dollars I save is for travelling every year! May be few times a year.

All people save for a reason right?

Work Hard,
Save Hard,
Play Hard,
Shopping Hard!

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