Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy Football Final

That few days, people are talking all about the final match between Brunei vs. Indonesia!

The night before, Jason was taking IC from few friends because you need to show your IC to get the tickets.
In the morning, I listened to the radio and I heard people started Q-ing at 2am! Jason should start Q-ing after our Karaoke session at 12+ am lol
I saw my FB that people complaining about "showing IC to get the tickets", people posted photo of the crowds.
pic credit by Hayatdee Idris

I didn't expect this till RA/Carol said there was an extra ticket for me. I was so confuse + nervous that I didn't know if I should go because:
1) It was so last minute.
2) I have no interest in football.
3) If I'm going to watch the match, then I'm not able to attend a friend's wedding reception.
4) If I'm going to watch the match, I need to finish work early at 4pm which I'm afraid it will give a bad impression to my manager.
5) I need to give answer immediately, so he can give away the extra ticket!

After few discussions with Carol, then I decided to watch the football match!! Since,
1) I'm not very close with the new wedded couple.
2) My manager agreed to let me go early.
3) It's a great opportunity that I can experience.
4) I guess the ticket is not easy to get.
5) A lot of people is trying to get the ticket so insanely!

I was so rush to go back hostel to change and get ready to watch the match.

We parked at Times Square and walked to Stadium. Very smart idea! 
So we didn't stuck in the jam or headache to find a parking.

So people who didn't get a ticket, can watch this big TV.

People walking to the Stadium.

:O It was around 5.30pm I guess.

So we finally squeezed in safely to the Stadium.

It was only 6pm, and there was a lot of people already.

Some people pattern pattern to support Brunei!

Heavy clouds that indicate heavy rain is coming soon!

everyone quickly wear their raincoats.

Wah! The strong wind!!
But luckily it was just drizzling, it was a fine night.

The Brunei team!

Indonesia team warming up.

Yellow crowds...

The red are Indonesia supporters. 

Imagine only the middle are Indonesia supporters and the rest and for Brunei!

Brunei team warming up.

Nice flag show by the Indonesians. 

The Brunei supporters cheered Ole Ole Ole and did the waves to show support.

It was exciting when you thought the Indonesia is going to goal but the Brunei goal keeper caught it.
It was more exciting the Brunei goal!

The supporters cheered when Brunei won 2-0.

Before the match ended, most of the Indonesia supporters left.
Few minutes later, I didn't see a red thing on that side.

The excitement.

Malaysian support Brunei!

Fireworks to celebrate!

So the champion was Brunei.
Second: Indonesia
Third: Myanmar

I'm so lucky that RA got a ticket for me and I didn't Q among the thousands people in the early morning.
So lucky that I can get in to the stadium and don't need to join the crowd above because they weren't able to enter as the stadium was full.
How pity that the people may Q in the morning for hours and didn't get to enter the stadium.They were screaming and trying to break the gate.
Some without ticket, or may be they made a fake ticket had entered the stadium.

I saw uneducated Bruneian showed his middle finger to the Indonesia team, what a shame.

It should have managed properly and fair that people who Q-ed and got a ticket should enter the stadium. 
They should check the ticket properly and make sure every ticket is genuine.

Anyway, hope the management learnt a lesson as Brunei is just a small country with small population, guess it won't be so hard to control the people compared to other countries. 

Great experience I had.
Well done Brunei!

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