Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I don't have much work at office, and have been checking my FB every...1 minute. x.x

Everyone is using FB now! People now can't live without FB. We check FB few times in an hour by laptop, in the office, by smart phones, by tablet, etc.

What's so nice about FB that people keep checking it? For me...

It's a convenient means of communication beside Whatsapp. 
You can create groups (red circle) and have discussions among the group. 
You can share photos and videos, organize meetings easily.
I'm normally inactive in those groups, I only check them for updates.

Friends share funny and interesting posts sometimes. 
I like funny posts, especially I'm moody or bored, they make me smile!

I like listening songs, sometimes friends post videos of people making a cover of a song, those talented people amaze me.

I like to share nice videos too. Or may be I just want to save the song, easy for me if I want to listen again.

I like sharing nice photos....of me ^^

And ofcourse I like to see nice photos of people too!
I like to see girls' photo, seldom see the guys tho. 
Most of the guys are boring, they can't do sexy and attractive poses like the girls. 

I like stalking people!
Nah, not really~~~ 

You can see a lot of Drawsome recently in your news feed!
It's a hit recently. A game that you need to guess your friends' drawings.
People post them because they can't guess lol
Some drawings are really shyte :D

I hate people posting disgusting things!
Although it's a way to increase awareness, but YUUCK!!!!

And I keep receiving games invitation.
I don't play FB games, I still don't understand what's so interesting. 
The invitations don't really annoy me, but I don't wish to receive them =.="

Seriously, what else can you do beside checking Facebook when you are bored at work?
I have finish watching the hong kong dramas.
I have read all the blogs/news. 
What else? ><

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