Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Heng Heng lai!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

I supposed be working on the second day of Chinese New Year, but who the hell got mood to work in new year. So I took leave, and back to work on the third day. OK~ make no difference, but no choice baa...

I always have open house for family and dad's workers on the first day of CNY. But something so unexpected happened (ok, if expected then it won't happen =.=)! We order catering like usual, but the restaurant mistaken and thought we order for the second day!

At those moment when it's 10 minutes away to have the open house start, and no foods are prepared! The restaurant couldn't do anything because it was to rush. Then the family send the superwoman in the house....ME!

I went to C.A.Mohd to order the catering when the boss told me it will be done in 20 minutes. OMG! That's damn fast lo for a last minute order. But please trust yourself, because 20 min is so impossible, it ended up the foods were done in an hour. OK~ consider fast la...

I was so not calm down while waiting for the foods and kept standing outside the kitchen. Yes! I purposely pressure the chefs. After I brought the foods back to home, my family said it was really a big portion and luckily the foods were not that bad. Standing outside the kitchen with that sexy dress works! LOL

Anyway, I didn't really shop for CNY outfit. Hmm...because I didn't have the CNY feel, I think wearing the old ones are ok, coz I have few new outfits that I haven't wear yet!

This app is awesome ok.

Oh ya, recently carol and me are doing advertorial for Laneige. This are just the teasers ^^

Purchase over BND$400 at Laneige entitled to have this cute polka dots luggage for free!
While stock last!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

We long sing K!

We found a new place so good for singing Karaoke and dancing because of the awesome sound system and ambiance.
It's BND$10 per person (drinks and fruits inclusive).
Then it's almost like a weekly routine going there in a group to gather and sing.

Ofcourse you can order other foods like french fries, fried chicken, etc.
because they have a restaurant downstairs too.

and urhem...they all are very good singers.
I'm not that good la, only good in singing the 70's songs =.=

Gong Hei Fatt Choi
Gong Xi Fa Chai
Gong Xi Huat Chai
Happy Chinese New Year and wish u'all receive lots of ang paos!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rano's bash

Attended a party last Saturday at Empire.
The theme was 3 stripes.

It was his belated birthday.

He WAS my idol. LOL
Nah, coz I read his blog.
I attended his blog talk back in 2008 and went to his RanoAdidas 6th (if not mistaken) Anniversary and Entrepreneurship talk last 2 years when we were strangers. Consider a fan? haha

Cameraman guiding them to pose *funny*

Drawing 3 strips mustache

The place is awesome.
Big space, good sound system, good lighting, good foods, good aircon! It was so cold!

The band was awesome too from Indonesia.
I dislike malay songs, but suddenly I feel malay songs actually not bad coz the band was too good!

The side view.

Pity him, still need to do cover on his birthday.

Everyone was getting ready to dance!
From here, we can see the Rano's team was quite active!
FYI, there were 4 birthday celebrants.

Not sure what were they doing. Aerobic may be.

Like his expression!
We said "Look there!"
He went "Huh!??"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guy trapped in the elevator for 41 hours

I got depress easily with sad things.
I cry when I see disasters in the TV.
I emo when I start Googling and YouTubing about dooms day. I don't wanna see articles about that, but I just can't stop myself from knowing more.

Recently, in my Facebook news feed has this video about a guy trapped in the elevator for 41 hours and died.
I never expect the video is so scary in a way that looking at him suffering and died after that.

This is the video:

However, most of the people laughed. And I was so angry why these people still can laugh, as they said the expressions of the guy are funny.

But I was crying and heart pain there all the way when I watched this. Then I whatsapp asking my friends to watch because this case is too cruel to let an innocent to die like that!

Then a friend started telling me that the video may be fake, and it looks like edited.

Then I Google about the news. I believe this was a big news if it really happened. And I found that this case is true!

Started reading the news to see what was actually happening. Then I found that the video above may be just wanna show people how is it when u trapped in the elevator + they may just exaggerating.

I then found this news:

And I confirm there's such thing happened before!

Then I found the original CCTV video:

So actually the real case wasn't that serious till he poo in the lift. The actual story was Nicholas White actually wanted to take a cigarette break, not the stupid shit break.

The story is very interesting + pity:


It was longest cigarette break of Nicholas White's life.

The 34-year-old New York production manager was working late one Friday night in October when he went outside for a smoke.

He was returning to his office on the 39th floor when the elevator stopped abruptly between floors. White pressed the alarm, letting it ring and ring. But at 11 p.m. the building was deserted, and it would be nearly two days before White was rescued.

He paced around the elevator like a bug trapped in a box, fighting claustrophobia every minute of his 41-hour ordeal, which was captured on a video surveillance camera.

"After a certain amount of time I knew I was in big trouble," White told "Good Morning America" in an exclusive interview.

He had no watch, no cell phone, no food or water. His only sustenance was a pack of Rolaids.

"Rolaids aren't a very good meal," White said.

The the most difficult part of the ordeal, he said, was going 41 hours without water. At one point, White thought he might die of dehydration.

He relieved himself by opening the elevator doors a bit and urinating down the elevator shaft.

"I hoped that might be a signal to people in fact: 'why is the elevator leaking?'"

Cold yet sweating, White laid on the floor trying to stay calm. Then he got up and started pacing. At one point he pried open the elevator doors and screamed for help. The only response was silence.

"I had no idea if it was day or night," White said.

Herang the emergency bell, but he couldn't take the constant noise so he occasionally turned it off.

Split-screen video footage of the building showed other parts of the building, including three other elevators. The video showed maintenance workers occasionally fixing various things, but no one heard him and none of them wondered what was going on with car No. 30.

Not a religious man, White prayed for help. On Sunday at 4 p.m., White, who was nearly delirious from thirst, heard a voice on the intercom asking if anyone was there. Finally, he was rescued.

When he went back to work, White found out his co-workers who were also there late thought he had skipped out and left that night.

"A person left me a note about all the problems that occurred while I was playing hooky from the job," White said.

After the 41-hour nightmare, White received a settlement from the building. Unbelievable to many, he still takes elevators.

"Living in Manhattan I'd be seriously limiting my life if I didn't take elevators," he said"

If the first video in this post is fake, I'll be so kek sim!!! Made fake video to emo me and made me cry and feel pity for you!

While people are persuading me that not to worry about the dooms day, on the other hand, my manager told me that she believes in dooms day =.="

Somemore I watched a video of a woman was stabbed cruel-y by the robber when she refused to give him her bag. Such cold blooded human should die, not the one being robbed!

And I watched the car accidents CCTV video. How many innocents got killed/injured because of these careless drivers.

OK, enough. Too much scary videos. I should watch more wedding videos to cheer me up!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Korea Trip Part 2

This is the second time I blog this because Mozilla crash! Really damn it!

Was so pissed off because the photos really take a long time to upload, sometimes error x.x That's why I have been delaying altho I said on Saturday I will be updating my blog. So Ima continue story about my Korea Trip!

Previous post was all about snowing.
We took this photo with the beautiful landscape before we leave from this Ski Resort to the city.

Actually I was wondering and so disappointed because I didn't see any shopping centres during the 1st and 2nd day in Korea.
I thought it's like Brunei, you need to drive to go shopping.
Then I heard people's conversation saying that is Ski Resort.
Then I knew we would have a shopping session when we arrive at the city :D

I forgot what's the name of this outlet.
It sells branded stuffs like Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Adidas etc.

Prohibited to take pictures, but no one stop me that time.

It's outdoor shopping, so it was quite cold and uncomfortable while you shop.
Then I kept entering shops when I beh tahan and warm myself.

It was all about Christmas in December.
Thus being tourist-y taking pics of the decorations.

I did this everytime in Korea: RUNNING TO BUY HOT DRINKS IF I SEE A CAFE
Hot drinks definitely help, but it will turn cold just after few minutes =.=

Bought this tumbler too.

Everland Amusement Theme Park
Great experience visiting a theme park in the winter.

The tour group.

Heater is everywhere. *phew* luckily

This tree is awesome during the night.
Keep reading!

I wish I can play the thrills, but it was too cold to play.
Will become ice after the ride!

Since I have a 10 years old coward brother, we did kiddy rides too.
Else it's gonna be a meaningless trip for my brother.
At least when people ask him "What you do in Korea?"
He can say "I played the up and down cup lo"

He kept acting cool and made those want-laugh-but-paiseh-laugh expression & kept saying BORING~~

Boring what!!??
Else he won't be playing anything, what a waste.
His expenses for the trip give me go shopping better.

He requested to play this. Those spinning in a high speed and will make you vomit @.@

Guess there are shows in the evening.

What you call this? Open hair cable car? =.="

The roller coaster behind is the point!
I forgot whether it's the longest ride in the world or in Korea.
Normal roller coaster takes around 30+ secs. But this takes 2 minutes!

Always can see parade in the theme park.
Evening's are nicer with the lights!

It includes a mini zoo. Not very interesting for me, I dislike zoo.

Depend what kind of package you purchase.
Mine includes a free meal.

*drum rolls*
This is the amazing part!
I'm a person whom when people say "wah~ the lights very nice ho. The night scenery nice ho!"
I'll reply "Okla...normal la..."

Or people say "Wah, today a lot of stars, nice ho."
Me "Okla...not that much also..."

But the pics below are gonna amaze you!
Okla, at least I think it's beautiful.

I like my cam! Take awesome low light photo.

-End of the day-

Beautiful football field outside my room.

Making Kimchi!
U'll probably think "Ha? healthy meh? spicy and sour food le."
Well, it's stated there.

Kimchi needs to be stored in 0-4 degree cel. fridge.
Marinate it for at least 8 days is the best.
It can be kept up to 6 months, it will just turn sour and that's what Korean love.

The white drink in front of me is Ginseng Milk.
I dislike milk, but this is good.

Urhem, I'm always serious in doing things.

You can bring home. Else donate it.

Trying on Hanbok.

Ice Gallery

I don't look that girlish on toilet bowl la...

Making own ice mug/cup

They will teach you how to carve.

winner will get a medal.
No, I wasn't the winner :(

I planned to make a big mug actually.
Then I went AHHH when the ice broke while I carve =.=
Then it becomes a small cup.
How awesome it is to fill it with orange juice. Auto chilled. yum!

Lunch time

It's noodle ginseng soup with a chicken filled with rice (Weird I know)
The chicken is still a baby of around 30 or 40+ days old.
I actually felt regret and pity when I was eating it.
It's just a baby! Human so cruel.
So I didn't actually finish it, altho it's already dead, but I feel bad.
It doesn't taste very good actually, dislike the rice in the chicken.

Shopping time!

What's the happiest thing? Eat la!!
Especially I like to eat this kind of stall/street food...whatever it calls. It's 小吃。
Like to eat while street shopping, and like to try different kinds of foods.
I never see those foods in Brunei, so must try!

The wind was strong and cold, hardly can open my eyes.

The cool ride which it spins in high speed and jumps.
You can see how tight the people hold, because no safety belt!
You will fly away if u loosen yourself.

Teddy Bear Museum

Never though teddy bear can have a museum too.
May be attract tourists only.

The teddy bears are in different characters. From ancient till modern.

I like this!

Cooking Nanta is a famous show in Korea.
The performers show their knife and cooking skill.
I watched the show actually but couldn't take video. You can youtube it.
The show is a bit boring, but the performers are funny while interacting with the audiences.

The souveniers.

Love Lock
It indicates endless love. Couples would bring/buy from there a lock and write a message on it.
There's a lot of locks! Imagine, it has been a lot of years and couples all around the world go there.

This couple kiasu also. Used a bicycle lock lol

Lotte World
It's indoor theme park. Love it, at least I don't feel cold in there.
They have thrills too.
Then in here, I rode the roller coaster!

The parade!

They have shows too.

Look at those hot kids!

Our dinner.
Like usual, vege + pork

Korea is famous of ginseng.
So, this place sells ginseng capsules, pills, etc.
Again, camera is prohibited.

See, another menu in Korean @.@

This is damn delicious. In Korean, it's called Cinta (obviously I don't know the right spelling)
It's glass noodle in soy sauce with chicken.

Spending $$ again!

Girls! These outlets are everywhere in that area!

Beauty shops are famous in Korea. Very competitive.

This girl so cartoon-ish.

Then finally flew back to Brunei and return to the normal weather.
Not normal at all after I arrived in Brunei, si beh hot lo!
Ordered Singapore Slingers on the flight. Had a good sleep after that.

The Haul
Love at first sight! So kawaii this pouch.

Ribbon and kitty hair clips.

ofcourse Skin care!
Wardrobe full of skin care now.

I forgot what this purple stone called.
It can be a keychain, else a necklace.

Lots of seaweeds and Korean products.

Love this make up pouch!

When I reached home, received cards from Huey Lu from.....UK.

This is a long post, that's why took me a long time to upload the photos.
Woot! Hope I can be more active again hehehe