Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rano's bash

Attended a party last Saturday at Empire.
The theme was 3 stripes.

It was his belated birthday.

He WAS my idol. LOL
Nah, coz I read his blog.
I attended his blog talk back in 2008 and went to his RanoAdidas 6th (if not mistaken) Anniversary and Entrepreneurship talk last 2 years when we were strangers. Consider a fan? haha

Cameraman guiding them to pose *funny*

Drawing 3 strips mustache

The place is awesome.
Big space, good sound system, good lighting, good foods, good aircon! It was so cold!

The band was awesome too from Indonesia.
I dislike malay songs, but suddenly I feel malay songs actually not bad coz the band was too good!

The side view.

Pity him, still need to do cover on his birthday.

Everyone was getting ready to dance!
From here, we can see the Rano's team was quite active!
FYI, there were 4 birthday celebrants.

Not sure what were they doing. Aerobic may be.

Like his expression!
We said "Look there!"
He went "Huh!??"

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