Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Heng Heng lai!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

I supposed be working on the second day of Chinese New Year, but who the hell got mood to work in new year. So I took leave, and back to work on the third day. OK~ make no difference, but no choice baa...

I always have open house for family and dad's workers on the first day of CNY. But something so unexpected happened (ok, if expected then it won't happen =.=)! We order catering like usual, but the restaurant mistaken and thought we order for the second day!

At those moment when it's 10 minutes away to have the open house start, and no foods are prepared! The restaurant couldn't do anything because it was to rush. Then the family send the superwoman in the house....ME!

I went to C.A.Mohd to order the catering when the boss told me it will be done in 20 minutes. OMG! That's damn fast lo for a last minute order. But please trust yourself, because 20 min is so impossible, it ended up the foods were done in an hour. OK~ consider fast la...

I was so not calm down while waiting for the foods and kept standing outside the kitchen. Yes! I purposely pressure the chefs. After I brought the foods back to home, my family said it was really a big portion and luckily the foods were not that bad. Standing outside the kitchen with that sexy dress works! LOL

Anyway, I didn't really shop for CNY outfit. Hmm...because I didn't have the CNY feel, I think wearing the old ones are ok, coz I have few new outfits that I haven't wear yet!

This app is awesome ok.

Oh ya, recently carol and me are doing advertorial for Laneige. This are just the teasers ^^

Purchase over BND$400 at Laneige entitled to have this cute polka dots luggage for free!
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