Friday, July 30, 2010

Consumer Fair at Bridex

This time consumer fair is held at BRIDEX from 29th July to Sunday!

Yesterday I went, not that crowded yet and some shops are closed already.

Lots of booth like always.

My friend has a booth too, named Barely There.
Has a shop beside bunut Hua Ho.
Selling lingerie and "interesting" stuffs.

Barely There sells many glow in the dark, even toilet paper is glow in the dark too.

Barely There sells these too.

Lots of foods booth too.
Meaning many food tester and drink tester too!

Pakistan Mangos, 5 kg $25.

Guess and Win, how many pop mee?

This scarf is very interesting.
I think I'm gonna buy this.

Today, what a tired day~
And we look like this early in the morning ^^

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot girls are US

Went to Bandar's pasar malam yesterday. It's much more merrier than KB's.
The light are nice too.

This is Easyway's roasted chicken. It's salty~.

What I did recently? Just dance dance dance.
Spending time with the girls.
We are really noisy when we got together, we laugh loudly and a lot!

Tomorrow and Saturday will be a busy day.

I'm going to consumer fair later!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Katy Perry- California girls

I love this video lo!

Vui told me at first and I thought that the song has nothing special.
After few times of listening to it, it's actually a nice song lo!

Love their costumes and designs!

Now I know studio can be a dancing studio, music school or photoshoot studio.

When my friend said that we are going to meet at studio, I will expect it's a dancing studio with mirror.
But I always find myself in somewhere else and wondering if I'm in a right place.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend for family

These were our dinner yesterday...

"Mao si" coffee

& also






Today, we celebrate my cousin's birthday.
This brownies made by the sis and bro of hers.

Tomorrow dance practice again.
Keep dancing the same dance, I feel sienz.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Crazy in Shopping

Eldy came back from KL and we went to pasar malam at KB.
This year's pasar malam is not as merry as last time lor, so empty and doesn't have performance.
Car parks were so easy to find, not challenging enough.

This morning went to Miri with Hua and Fu.
Going with them means....I can go shopping!!
OH! I was so looking forward for this day to come.

My bling bling slipper will die anytime soon, bought this to ready.
My gladiator was almost dead today!!! I rescue them by giving them glue.
I love that gladiator so much okay~

Bestseller mask in Taiwan "我的美丽日记”

I asked ah wei that why her skin so smooth.
Because she eats this Vitamin A,C,E.
I try lo, I'll happy if my skin gets better.

And I got my third hole.
Third hole was so PAIN!
2nd hole was nothing that's why I go for the third.
I'm not getting the forth, so pain, coz it's somewhere around my bone.

I bought a very nice outfit + this belt!
I thought I can't wear this kind of belt because I'm worry I will look skinnier, but it's not lo!
This design suits me.
I thought floral looks mature on me lo, but it's NOT lo. I like it so much.
Not gonna show here, wanna be fresh ba.

And this very famous Japanese skin care is for my mom.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Maktab Sains Anti Drugs Carnival

OH! love
I'm good in self controlling, I didn't buy.

Went to Maktab Sains Anti-drugs carnival.
Many things to see and play. Out of expectations.

out of expectations because they have ab sailing

out of expectations because they have this.
I want to try, but I was wearing mini skirt.
I'm afraid I'll attract the crowd.

Lots of games.

There was a guy kept asking me to play their game.
which is Impossible-u-can-win-but-they-think-its-possible game.
You toss a 50 cent coin, and if u toss into the circle, you can win Ipod shuffle.
The circle is a 50 cent coin size =.=

I went to fish spa in the carnival!!
I wanna try this for a long time, but I'm always afraid of the Doctor Fish.

The fish can treat diabetes, bla bla bla.
All the fishes like the uncle because he has more toxic.
No fish wants me because I'm healthy.
I feel ticklish when the fish touched me.
But I don't know the feel when a group of fish 'tickling' my feet.

I smile so funnily.
I love my skin in this pic.

So nice to have a school!
I want to have this in my dream house too!

Thai massage

We came to this carnival because friends are performing yoyo.

Ready to perform.

The Yoyo booth attracted the crowd

And sports tournament too.
$50 per team if not mistaken.

There were also Ideal, KFC, Jolibee, manicure, pedicure, car boot sales, and LOTS!
It's a good weather just now, not sunny and rain only a while.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Dance dance dance~

Can't wait to go Miri shopping da da lik!
I mean window shopping~
I'm gonna pierce the third hole on my ears~

My 8 years old cousin said angrily, "STUDY IS FOR STUPID PEOPLE!"

Friends around me are preparing to go UK for further study, envy~
I only can go only if I got citizenship, and only if I got scholarship :(

What job can earn the most?
I wanna be rich and go travel ba!!! who doesn't want?
I hope I can go Brisbane this December!
OH! I can be tour guide!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

BBQ at SSS (P33)

I want my legs to be a little bit more fatter :(

Went to BBQ at citizenship tuition.

They are getting Yellow IC soon!

Feel~ or emo? xD