Friday, July 23, 2010

Crazy in Shopping

Eldy came back from KL and we went to pasar malam at KB.
This year's pasar malam is not as merry as last time lor, so empty and doesn't have performance.
Car parks were so easy to find, not challenging enough.

This morning went to Miri with Hua and Fu.
Going with them means....I can go shopping!!
OH! I was so looking forward for this day to come.

My bling bling slipper will die anytime soon, bought this to ready.
My gladiator was almost dead today!!! I rescue them by giving them glue.
I love that gladiator so much okay~

Bestseller mask in Taiwan "我的美丽日记”

I asked ah wei that why her skin so smooth.
Because she eats this Vitamin A,C,E.
I try lo, I'll happy if my skin gets better.

And I got my third hole.
Third hole was so PAIN!
2nd hole was nothing that's why I go for the third.
I'm not getting the forth, so pain, coz it's somewhere around my bone.

I bought a very nice outfit + this belt!
I thought I can't wear this kind of belt because I'm worry I will look skinnier, but it's not lo!
This design suits me.
I thought floral looks mature on me lo, but it's NOT lo. I like it so much.
Not gonna show here, wanna be fresh ba.

And this very famous Japanese skin care is for my mom.

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