Friday, July 30, 2010

Consumer Fair at Bridex

This time consumer fair is held at BRIDEX from 29th July to Sunday!

Yesterday I went, not that crowded yet and some shops are closed already.

Lots of booth like always.

My friend has a booth too, named Barely There.
Has a shop beside bunut Hua Ho.
Selling lingerie and "interesting" stuffs.

Barely There sells many glow in the dark, even toilet paper is glow in the dark too.

Barely There sells these too.

Lots of foods booth too.
Meaning many food tester and drink tester too!

Pakistan Mangos, 5 kg $25.

Guess and Win, how many pop mee?

This scarf is very interesting.
I think I'm gonna buy this.

Today, what a tired day~
And we look like this early in the morning ^^

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