Sunday, July 18, 2010

Maktab Sains Anti Drugs Carnival

OH! love
I'm good in self controlling, I didn't buy.

Went to Maktab Sains Anti-drugs carnival.
Many things to see and play. Out of expectations.

out of expectations because they have ab sailing

out of expectations because they have this.
I want to try, but I was wearing mini skirt.
I'm afraid I'll attract the crowd.

Lots of games.

There was a guy kept asking me to play their game.
which is Impossible-u-can-win-but-they-think-its-possible game.
You toss a 50 cent coin, and if u toss into the circle, you can win Ipod shuffle.
The circle is a 50 cent coin size =.=

I went to fish spa in the carnival!!
I wanna try this for a long time, but I'm always afraid of the Doctor Fish.

The fish can treat diabetes, bla bla bla.
All the fishes like the uncle because he has more toxic.
No fish wants me because I'm healthy.
I feel ticklish when the fish touched me.
But I don't know the feel when a group of fish 'tickling' my feet.

I smile so funnily.
I love my skin in this pic.

So nice to have a school!
I want to have this in my dream house too!

Thai massage

We came to this carnival because friends are performing yoyo.

Ready to perform.

The Yoyo booth attracted the crowd

And sports tournament too.
$50 per team if not mistaken.

There were also Ideal, KFC, Jolibee, manicure, pedicure, car boot sales, and LOTS!
It's a good weather just now, not sunny and rain only a while.

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Nick said...

haha... d uncle reli has more toxin.. and his expression is hilarious! :D