Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Chloe" Day 2

Again, filming is not easy, and sometimes a tired one. We finished at nearly 1 am at riveria cafe. Everyone was sleepy.

"Haha" thing. Were taking scene of "walking from outside to the cafe". Each scene will take few shots. After few shots, one second later, another shot, FLOOD! So fast ar, coz the cafe is near to the river, that's why.

With Chloe & Director. I'm Jess! How sister! We wore the same vest

The 4 casts

Finally going to the scene of lim teh! How thirsty~

Impress with Kelly and Summer. They have good skill being a make up artist.

"Chloe" is about KB student life, so we have to speak in KB lang. The Bandar-ian have to learn the KB lang.

Bandar: 你还记得我吗?(u still remember me?)
KB: 你还记得我 MEH! (U still remember me meh!)

Bandar: 中考
KB: mid year

Bandar: 厉害
KB: geng!

Bandar: 听说...
KB: 他们讲ho


They said yesterday, shooting "Chloe" might have nightmare.

This morning, still can't get out off my bed, Chris said that shooting today is cancelled. I slept back and the next thing I dreamed,

Chris: I have to contact the Holand and Canada, telling them the shoot in the AM is cancelled. We shoot in the PM.

Yaya: =.=

There's crew from Holand and Canada? Maybe Jayden from Holland. hahaha

Saturday, November 29, 2008


6000 vacancies waiting for me! Yea, IT is important.

Uncountable events waiting for me to join! "Yaya, you haven't get the chance to rest since ur holiday." Yea, why organise events then? Their attraction is unresistable.

1. "Oh Mamma Mia" at Empire. Dress code? 60's!

2. BSM Treasure Hunt clashes. Filming chose.

3. "Let's Cruise" by TelBru clash. Filming chose

Optimax has funny advertisements in newspapers. They provide a service, Eye Laser. Attractive words like "No more glasses!"

Flip 5 more pages, you can see attractive wordings like "Optimax, provide you a comfort wear (glasses)."

Laser or glasses? You decide.

Tonight, a party and filming. Wait me for my stories.

Friday, November 28, 2008


This is...speechless. They dont know how many sides a triangle has!? =.=

A German family does not understand English . So while they start their car, their music system plays a song by the band “Out There Brothers�.
The family starts enjoying the song (or probably pretend to as they do not understand english).

Nice ping pong match! I like this kind of ball, FAR BALL.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Girls Thoughts

Went to out to meet an old friend. It's nice when people compliment you. I love receive compliment (who does not?), and I would put my nose high and show off my stuffs everytime XD Think twice when u compliment me.

Abigail with some girls: Wa yahui, ur nails are nice, look like fake one, how u polish them?

Yaya: *eye brows up and down*

It's skill. True!

Girls this noon talked about girls thoughts. If boys want to propose, u might have to send the girls ur CV + certs. As girls want to check ur qualifications and positions.

Send ur bank book to show ur salary.

Lo xiang more teruk, she wants to see IC =.= So it's included in CV.

Chien: Yahui, if a guy proposed to you, but u don like him, is it comfy to be friends? or u'll a bit paiseh?

Yaya made a scene:

Guy: Yaya, will u accept me?

Yaya: *thinking* hmmmm

Guy: *show a diamond ring* I have a diamond ring...

Yaya: hmmm

Guy: a BMW..a house...

Yaya: oh ho *paiseh* No problem..:$

Ok people! I'm not that kind of girl. Hua didnt propose to me like tat =.= He proposed to me by visiting me in the hospital. CHOI!!!!!

I like people who saves

When you save = rich

Rich to spend isn't it?

Still I like to save

Save, but not spending, save for what?


Save to buy things for me^^

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HOT News

Tagged By Mina:
The rules are simple. Use Google Images to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

The age of my next birthday:
A place I'd like to visit:
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A bad habit:

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Current wish list (max 3 items):

A favorite thing:

Name of 1st (and only) love:

For not letting the blog to extinct,

Now I tag:

1. Jayden
2. Kai Ping
3. Secret blog
4. Chien



The women:

It's New York again! A smart, sparkling comedy about contemporary womanhood and the power of female relationships.

2nd version of Gossip Girl? XD



Jobz Workshop: Click HERE

"Chloe" Day 1: Click HERE and HERE

How Rano knows my blog? He linked me in his post, but not his list. I wana be linked in his list!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Job workshop & Hua Ho day

Job workshop was full of laughter especially during role play. Gavin can go really flirty, wonder if that's an original him.

Learnt how to handle lover lover, full of complains, baby, kepo, diva kinds of people.

We enjoyed!


I drove to Tutong Hua Ho. Really insecure when u're not familiar with the roads and it was wetty.

On the way to Bunut Hua Ho,

...we vain. Below is not a good example of driving, DONT LEARN!

...there was a car accident. The car turned upside down. Hope the people inside are OK.

At Bunut Hua Ho,

I used baby trolley...

I saw a big bottle of orange juice fountain...

I'm a Sakai NOT!

Monday, November 24, 2008

School Life

Goodbye SMSA peeps

Returned all the books this morning and took pictures for remembrance. School is still HOT =.= Why not brunei has 4 seasons? And now our director is sick of over heat.

Ms. Tor

I requested to have a picture taking.

Mr Chan: I'm so fierce, still got people want to take pic with me.

Not fierce la, the cutest tutor of all.


Digging my wardrobe and finally found something like OL. Well, when I was form 1 or 2, I wore OL most of the time. Not the formal one, but THOSE kind of skirt. I still can wear them now, and it's a bit not that fit. The clothes are slightly big for me, =.= that's mean im thinner than when I was in form 1.

Need OL clothes for tomorrow's Job Workshop held by Ms Imelda. It's gonna be fun!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Chloe" day 1

Photographed by Jayden, designed by chris i think. Nice, aint it?

Chloe- Emily
Jess- Yaya
Malcolm- Sam
Elvin- Calvin

My Honda was one of the cast too

Aren't they pro? They even use the aluminum foil like those in films for light reflection

Yaya back to CCMS uniform with Jayden

I know the weather would be HOT, I prepared my portable fan. I should prepare batt too.

What I see:

Chris really make effort in "Chloe". Things really need a long time to prepare, many things to prepare. Booking place, script writing for every casts, money, editing etc.

What I heard:

Chris: Yaya, more expressions!

Chris: Yaya, do you need to retouch? (I heard this the most haha)

Yaya: My face that teruk meh :'(

Chris: don need to memorize that 'zhun'

Who say Wu Zhun lousy in acting? It's not easy to act! Especially expressions and movement. One scene will have more than one shot + NG.

Emily not bad in acting. Much better than me XD
Sam banyak pattern! He kept changing his script. To continue his dialog, I have to be pretty SENG MUK.

Chris, the most 'pai mia' director XD

pai mia = 命苦; kasian

You think director very syok? Sitting there and order the crews to work, someone carrying umbrella for him, fan him? Our director walked up and down, taught us how to act...he kept sweating from morning till evening.

To director:

I will do better next week!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blog it up

I joined Blog it up. Learned how to earn money online. It's interesting and met Brunei bloggers. Gonna try Adsence too and update my NuffNang. Brunei is part of nuffnang m'sia so Bruneian can sign up there.

Th audience would think Kurapak is the funniest. Well, I don understand malay, neither the jokes =.= I like Reeda from Anak brunei, he's cute and funny la.

He speak good english, I mean the one with coat. He wore the cap and said NOT posting on papers, but it's ok for blogging ^^

I saw Rano at Miri and I said I'll take pic with him if it's the right time. Yea, this is right~

My question to them is: In Brunei, can we sue if someone criticise us in blog?

Rano: Not in Brunei, but S'pore. You can be the 1st one. If it's personal stuffs, it might be difficult. But never critise the government, or u'll be blacklisted. Choose to give solution instead of criticise.

Yaya: urm, may I get a souvenier pls?

HAHA Feedback do motivate people to ask to questions. I got a bottle from Telbru and T-shirt (above) of kurapak.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Funniest joke

I kept laughing when I was in Miri. Something that I really can't stop laughing is...

I was pulling Hua to the direction I was going, suddenly BANG!

If u're at there, the next thing u can hear is "HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA x infinity"

When I reach home, I still laughing; Bath, I laugh...

...He was looking at clothes and I didnt know...I thought he BANG the wall purposely.

I bought lots of books!


Hello people,

people who do useless things, they will do useful things too! They are bad, but they can change! Pehin Hua ho was poor with $10, now he's rich with 5 more zeros!

We people have one brain with 2 sided. You use ur left brain to think the bad, can you use the right to think the good? I believe you hope people treat u that way too. Stop saying those couples who hold hands are not V; stop saying low educated will be unsuccessful; stop saying top student is the best! And please move your eyes to the poor because they have their own talent!

Fed up!

Why Im that angry? Because I dono what I have done, it's just that Im nt the top student in Form 6, and i have to accept 'people's' face. I dislike people look at me from up to down, and say "There's nothing better u can do?" I'm trying :'( It's not nothing better I can do, it's you never see it!

Who ever remember I got a scholarship when I was in Form 4? No one.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Good Idea

A auntie called the doctor and doctor's wife picked up.

Auntie: May I speak to doctor, emergency!

Doc's wife: Sorry he's not in. Do u want to leave a message?

Auntie: God! my 10 yrs old son swollen a pen! When doc will be back?

Doc's wife: about 3 hrs

Auntie: What! 3 hrs! What can I do now?

Doc's wife: Hmm, I think you have to use pencil first.



老师: 小明,请用 ‘左右为难’ 来造句。

小明: 我考试时左右为难。

老师: 是题目不回答,让你左右为难?

小明: 不,是左右同学答案不一样,让我左右为难。

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I love BUSY

Job workshop is on! I'm so excited and it looks fun. Miss imelda listed me as Yaya, how does she know that name? =.= The problem would be my outfit, not sure what to wear le...

I have my holiday for one week already. And my friends still stressing for exam. HAHAHAHAHA XD I'm not laughing.

Happy Birthday to my prince!

Gave him my designed photo album. Forgot to take a pic of it. Again, looking at the album he cried =.= not sure it's touched or what le.

1. I'm gonna apply for yellow IC.

2. Fri going to miri for braces

3. Sat have dinner at Ching wah

4. Sun "chloe" open ceremony.

5. Mon return books

6. Tues job workshop

and so on....Non-stop busy and I LOVE busy.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New me & BSRC events

I dyed my hair. Look like japanese girl colour, hope wei han wont bee falling in love with me since he's Japan Moi's fans. XD Dislike the process of dying hair as the colour will touch your head skin, it's VERY uncomfortable.

Since not much customers today in the salon, while dying and cutting my hair, the boss and stuffs discussing how to make a better hair. It's not skill, but good scisor and good mixing of colors. Sometimes I do learn things from there.

I'm the 1st customer to see their new machine!! And I tried it. haha Boss's special offer ^^

I dono if my family know me well. May be bacause of my laziness to explain to them. My mom said, "U dye ur hair for show?" =.=

Dad said, " nola, for school (he means chloe)". =.= I dyed to cover my previous color only.

Went to gym
with JJ after that. A tired one staying there for 2 hrs plus. I'm hungry till dead.


This is from BSRC:

Hi Everyone,
To Welcome Others (T.W.O) once again presents the
Festive Family Fun Day for 2008 !
Enjoy a day out browsing through the various stalls and enjoy
the entertainment provided.
We have Arts and Crafts, Food and various activities, including a
childrens activity area (compliments of T.W.O.).. In addition, this year
we have a Carboot Sale as well in the car park of BSRC.
You may even be able to pick up some gifts for the holidays.

Date : Saturday, 22nd November 2008.
Time : 10am - 2pm.
Venue : BSRC, Jalan Utara, Seria.

Best regards,
Hufriz Coelho.
on behalf of T.W.O

I'm going to bring my small bro if jadi. For his birthday pressie in case I cant attend his party. Wana follow? ^^

Monday, November 17, 2008

Personality & Job workshop

My choice is no.1:

1.无忧无虑,顽皮,愉快的人你喜欢自由自在,无拘无束的生活 very true
你的座右铭是:生命只能活一次,因此你尽量享受每一刻。very very true
你好奇心旺盛,对新事物抱有开放的态度;你向往改变,讨厌束缚。VERY VERY VERY true. but i don understand the last 2 words la

Blogspot is rude. Yaya is being used, they asked me to put sapochai :@

Just came back from KB with Hy. Saw a make up set at body shop, we fall in love with it la. But didnt buy it.

Smsa peeps, Check Life after smsa. Mrs Imelda need 10 people to open the workshop. Send details to her email if u want to join. Im the fifth. I hope there will be 10, this workshop is useful and it's free, alright.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Surprise with tears

Yesterday morning, brought mina to school and went to town. She's tired because I'm F1 XD plus, the mum's don want to deliver the cake to bucaneer :@ So we have to send it ourselves, and in case no parking, so we walked. Wan to slim down? I'll bring you to shopping with me.

Went to marilyn before that, the service is so slow! I wait for 1 hr and keep calling the waitress. Until I say, "I've been waiting for 1 hr". Then my toast came.

I made a surprise party for Hua's birthday at Bucaneer Thai. It's a tired one and full of worries that it would turned out a failure. Luckily, it's good! and he was touched till tears drop.

Before that, his face looks scary. Everyone was afraid too. Well, it's a surprise, so no preparation ma. After my comfort, he felt better.

Delicious foods. I wonder if they are full

Birthday boy

I booked a room with TV ^^ and the waitress didnt take the pic together with the cake =.=
Kuang always looks like he's the main point XD
Chien is pretty with lashes!

Nope it's not over. His real birthday is on wed. Can't wait to see his face again.