Monday, August 30, 2010

Dizzy again

I'm sick. I feel dizzy, not the normal dizzy. U might not encounter this.

I see things spinning, I mean it really spins around in front of my sight.
I feel like my brain is not balance.

I went to the doctor, he said I have ear problem.
Something in my ear is not balance, causing me feeling dizzy.

I first experience this in last year, a very serious one.
I can't eat, I vomit, I can't stand still and sit up straight. I only lye on my bed.
Well, doc said the first time is always serious.

This time, I can't even tilt my head, I can't look up or look down for too long, or I see things spinning again.
The feel is really scary.

Hope i can be normal again. Not feeling dizzy in whatever I do.
I'm going to KL next week, dont wanna feel dizzy in the plane, it sure feels bad~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sungkai time!

Was super no mood to blog these days.

OK~ I was invited by LFHW as a guest to do food review at Rizqun.
SOOOOOO crowded, the staffs were so busy.
The foods are yummy! Choices are lots!
It's impossible for you to say, "Aiya, not enough to eat ah~"

Vist Love Food Hate Waste for more info ^^

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vui's day

Friday's theme for girls was "Animal print or net".
while guys' was "Gothic".

The guys did not look gothic le, only one was with eyeliner.
Girls are all with animal print!

My animal print is on my cap^^


Saturday is Vui's surprise birthday and farewell party.
We planned for few weeks.
Vui found out this party because she was too kepo, and we all need to change plan again.
The theme was "Pink and purple"

Foods are nice

All waiting for vui's arrival

There was no parking, so we waited for quite long

Finally Vui arrived!
And it looks more like a wedding starting from here.

Some pictures are not in position because it was too dark x.x

She smiled funnily and did not know what to do

The family bought a her a pink camera, a cam that she wishes to have

*photo taken by how*

*photo taken by how*

like a wedding isn't it? haha


Dancing time!!

beh tahan. what 3 is that?

he closed his eyes in most of the pictures!
cant stop laughing

I like that hat~ nice colour

actually ho, we have 4 person here

I cant stop laughing at some of her pics too
She's a good party planner, many 古灵惊怪 ideas.

*photo taken by how*
Music is important in a party.
DJ Thanis is good~

Friday, August 20, 2010


Never in my blog talks about my love life.
No one knows when I got a boyfriend until they saw me and a guy walking together.
No one knows when I become single until they saw me going to cinema with a group of friends without the boyfriend.

I don't need to say which boyfriend, because I only have one.
We got together on May 16th 2007, few days after the car accident.
Broke up in the end of June this year, when I was having my citizenship exam.
Until now, there are still people who thought I'm still with him.

Everyone thinks that we are lovely couple and are stable. I thought that too, and ofcourse him.
Broke up when I can't control my temper. I got angry with everything that I don't satisfy.
Or should I put it this way, whatever I see, I don't satisfy. I got very emo that time.
Not only that, also because of personality not ngam. I don't agree on how and what he's doing.
No one's fault, I don't agree nia, doesn't mean that he's wrong.

What will you do, when u know u are going to spoil this relationship?
I, ofcourse, try to rescue it, by controlling myself.
My mom told me to control, and I don't need to win all the time.
But yea, when u're not happy, whatever things cannot satisfy you. That's the fact.

So I decide to quit this relationship and give myself some time to calm down and refresh my mind.

I always expect a boyfriend knows me well. And will not do the things I don't like.
but..."让" is the power, I know.

I know I'm a 野蛮女友。haha
Because I like people to sayang me a lot, including friends.
Manja / Sainai is my strength ^^
Haiya, I know guys don't dare to chase me anymore after reading this. xD

Suddenly I feel like writing this because I found out something that broke my heart.
I feel hurt, sad, cry, pain, 不甘愿.
Not sure if I will regret of writing this, since talking about my love life to the public is not something that I want.

I want to invent a decision maker machine, or a robot. Tell me what should I do. Tell me what is right to do.
This machine can make a person live longer without thinking too much.
But I think this will make people become more stupid. LOL

ok~ I gonna relax myself in the party tonight.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Usual weekdays

Well well well, weekdays are always the same since uni reopen.
Assignment, presentation, research, hang out with friends, talk bird, eat, sleep & online.

I got an annoying sore throat, may be the weather's too hot? Now I have a sexy voice.
Sneeze sometimes.
Back ache for few days and haven't recover yet.

"Auntie" made me moody and bad temper few days ago.
I showed my behsong face when the staffs of a company were wasting my time. A asked me to look for B, and B asked me to look for C.
Felt like shouting. urrghhh

Now's puasa period and also sungkai period.
Lots of promotions and buffets!
I wanna try Aranda restaurant. The menu looks *sluurpp* who wanna join me^^?

This weekend, next weekend, every weekend of mine are interesting. Wait to read!

Starting from tomorrow, our table tennis training is going to be "devil training - 魔鬼训练”.
Punctual and no absence.
If I really got chosen to play the tournament in Thailand, I will faint.

I love to talk and bully people recently.
I'm cLazy, don't come near me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Picnic at Berakas

I was going to Berakas to have picnic, and on the way at Lumut, this happened!
I thought a few seconds whether I want to pass by the car, but I was afraid that it will explode.
Safety is more important, so I turned back to Seria and used high way.

I assume the car has something which has overheated and exploded, weather so hot recently, because it's August!

I arrived quite late ^^

I'm so not photogenic today, hate it.

The foods they broght are nice. It's good to have friends who are good in cooking ^^



50% off for pasta and pizzas.
Sungkai promotion I assume.

I always like the creamy type ^^

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shopping 治百病

The greatest thing for a lady is shopping!
Shopping 能治百病,cure any diseases ^^

A lady feeling sad, SHOPPING
got salary, SHOPPING
In whatever mood ladies have, they shop!

Fashion changes every minute and a girl has to keep up with it.
Shopping can make them stay up to date.

Girl feels the pleasure when they shop.
The more we shop, the happier we are, aren't we?

How I choose my thing?
It must be perfect. Perfect in my requirement.
If there's ONE thing that I doesn't like about it, ONE weakness, I will not buy it.
If I buy something, I like everything about it.
If I have more than 30 seconds thinking if I'm ok with the part that I don't like, I won't buy it.

So, I like to show off to my friends when I buy something nice.
I think that my things are the best, the nicest like no one has a nice taste like me xD *自恋病发作*

The saddest thing is when you are paying for your things. HAHA
not really sad if you really like it.

Me and my mom obviously have different taste. May be age gap.
Me and my friends too I guess. Because I like 夸张, scared people cannot see me.
Most of my friends like to be lower profile a bit, or other words, to be normal~ LOL

Me and my mom went to KB shopping just now.
Went to Laneige and used my $50 voucher to get this water bank moisturizer.

I think it will be better to use one set. I used the sample of the toner, not bad.
I didn't plan to buy.
But my mom said she can buy me this toner. OH YEA~

My dad's jaw will drop when he pays for the credit card.

Beside shopping, I feel happy when it comes to foods~^^