Friday, August 20, 2010


Never in my blog talks about my love life.
No one knows when I got a boyfriend until they saw me and a guy walking together.
No one knows when I become single until they saw me going to cinema with a group of friends without the boyfriend.

I don't need to say which boyfriend, because I only have one.
We got together on May 16th 2007, few days after the car accident.
Broke up in the end of June this year, when I was having my citizenship exam.
Until now, there are still people who thought I'm still with him.

Everyone thinks that we are lovely couple and are stable. I thought that too, and ofcourse him.
Broke up when I can't control my temper. I got angry with everything that I don't satisfy.
Or should I put it this way, whatever I see, I don't satisfy. I got very emo that time.
Not only that, also because of personality not ngam. I don't agree on how and what he's doing.
No one's fault, I don't agree nia, doesn't mean that he's wrong.

What will you do, when u know u are going to spoil this relationship?
I, ofcourse, try to rescue it, by controlling myself.
My mom told me to control, and I don't need to win all the time.
But yea, when u're not happy, whatever things cannot satisfy you. That's the fact.

So I decide to quit this relationship and give myself some time to calm down and refresh my mind.

I always expect a boyfriend knows me well. And will not do the things I don't like.
but..."让" is the power, I know.

I know I'm a 野蛮女友。haha
Because I like people to sayang me a lot, including friends.
Manja / Sainai is my strength ^^
Haiya, I know guys don't dare to chase me anymore after reading this. xD

Suddenly I feel like writing this because I found out something that broke my heart.
I feel hurt, sad, cry, pain, 不甘愿.
Not sure if I will regret of writing this, since talking about my love life to the public is not something that I want.

I want to invent a decision maker machine, or a robot. Tell me what should I do. Tell me what is right to do.
This machine can make a person live longer without thinking too much.
But I think this will make people become more stupid. LOL

ok~ I gonna relax myself in the party tonight.

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