Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vui's day

Friday's theme for girls was "Animal print or net".
while guys' was "Gothic".

The guys did not look gothic le, only one was with eyeliner.
Girls are all with animal print!

My animal print is on my cap^^


Saturday is Vui's surprise birthday and farewell party.
We planned for few weeks.
Vui found out this party because she was too kepo, and we all need to change plan again.
The theme was "Pink and purple"

Foods are nice

All waiting for vui's arrival

There was no parking, so we waited for quite long

Finally Vui arrived!
And it looks more like a wedding starting from here.

Some pictures are not in position because it was too dark x.x

She smiled funnily and did not know what to do

The family bought a her a pink camera, a cam that she wishes to have

*photo taken by how*

*photo taken by how*

like a wedding isn't it? haha


Dancing time!!

beh tahan. what 3 is that?

he closed his eyes in most of the pictures!
cant stop laughing

I like that hat~ nice colour

actually ho, we have 4 person here

I cant stop laughing at some of her pics too
She's a good party planner, many 古灵惊怪 ideas.

*photo taken by how*
Music is important in a party.
DJ Thanis is good~

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