Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Usual weekdays

Well well well, weekdays are always the same since uni reopen.
Assignment, presentation, research, hang out with friends, talk bird, eat, sleep & online.

I got an annoying sore throat, may be the weather's too hot? Now I have a sexy voice.
Sneeze sometimes.
Back ache for few days and haven't recover yet.

"Auntie" made me moody and bad temper few days ago.
I showed my behsong face when the staffs of a company were wasting my time. A asked me to look for B, and B asked me to look for C.
Felt like shouting. urrghhh

Now's puasa period and also sungkai period.
Lots of promotions and buffets!
I wanna try Aranda restaurant. The menu looks *sluurpp* who wanna join me^^?

This weekend, next weekend, every weekend of mine are interesting. Wait to read!

Starting from tomorrow, our table tennis training is going to be "devil training - 魔鬼训练”.
Punctual and no absence.
If I really got chosen to play the tournament in Thailand, I will faint.

I love to talk and bully people recently.
I'm cLazy, don't come near me.

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