Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shopping 治百病

The greatest thing for a lady is shopping!
Shopping 能治百病,cure any diseases ^^

A lady feeling sad, SHOPPING
got salary, SHOPPING
In whatever mood ladies have, they shop!

Fashion changes every minute and a girl has to keep up with it.
Shopping can make them stay up to date.

Girl feels the pleasure when they shop.
The more we shop, the happier we are, aren't we?

How I choose my thing?
It must be perfect. Perfect in my requirement.
If there's ONE thing that I doesn't like about it, ONE weakness, I will not buy it.
If I buy something, I like everything about it.
If I have more than 30 seconds thinking if I'm ok with the part that I don't like, I won't buy it.

So, I like to show off to my friends when I buy something nice.
I think that my things are the best, the nicest like no one has a nice taste like me xD *自恋病发作*

The saddest thing is when you are paying for your things. HAHA
not really sad if you really like it.

Me and my mom obviously have different taste. May be age gap.
Me and my friends too I guess. Because I like 夸张, scared people cannot see me.
Most of my friends like to be lower profile a bit, or other words, to be normal~ LOL

Me and my mom went to KB shopping just now.
Went to Laneige and used my $50 voucher to get this water bank moisturizer.

I think it will be better to use one set. I used the sample of the toner, not bad.
I didn't plan to buy.
But my mom said she can buy me this toner. OH YEA~

My dad's jaw will drop when he pays for the credit card.

Beside shopping, I feel happy when it comes to foods~^^

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