Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rach's @ villa

I just got the pressie from Laneige! They are all so cool!

Love-shaped mouse


Make up kit! *love*


CaiYen celebrated her 20th birthday at villa!
The theme was "Out of Ordinary"

birthday sui cha boh

We had the best costume ok~
I can't laughing at her hair.

She couldn't stop talking yesterday!

Like welcoming the bridegroom

Nice cake from Pattiserie

Reading the instructions from the birthday card
"Put ur fingers into the holes"


This's the first time I see people cry when they drink because they feel stress in their normal life.
The friends felt the pain and cried too *kerlian*
This makes me think that how great it is my parents let me choose my own course. I didn't even discuss with them, I just choose those I'm interested in and don't cause stress to me xD

But owh~ I feel the stress already, because we need to prepare for our coming presentation and report in two weeks!
And I hope I'm not the unlucky one to be chosen for another module's 1st week presentation. *I'll cry lo!*

In the party, I met this girl who loves to touch and hug people.
Damn, am I crazy? I love this kind of girl LOL
I may not hug girls but I like when they hug me xD

If jadi, there may be another theme party!
Love dressing up~

OK~ gotta get ready for the party later noon.

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