Wednesday, June 4, 2014

大舞狮关圣宫 The Great Lion Kun Seng Keng


I don't normally watch movies. But recently I just watched "The Great Lion Kun Seng Keng". It's based on a true story about the Malaysia representative, Kun Seng Keng, at the lion dance championship in 2006 in Genting, Malaysia (Brunei has representative too that year). It talks about how both legends started their passion in lion dance, how much effort they made to be the champions where even the competitors respect them too. We watched with the real lion legend and of course we kept asking if this and that part is real story. lolx.

It's a touching, funny and interesting movie. If I was alone, I would cry for the touching part. Never expect Malaysia is that good...or is it I'm too weak haha. From there, you can see the beauty of lion dance and Chinese culture, and the hard work the dancers have put to perform their best. They also use the real names of the legends in the movie. I never watch the "high end" kind of lion performance, I wish I could one day. The results KSK got from the lion dance competitions all these years are impressive, hence the making of this movie.

许亮宇si beh man ah, the bodeh~ haha He sings good too.

I think Miri doesn't have this movie? I'm not sure. But oh well, if you're in any parts of Malaysia then you can watch la. Good movie.

With 佃詠。

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kuala Lumpur trip in May

おはようございます (Ohaya Gozaimasu)! Every time I come back to my space then I'll feel I haven't been making effort to update hah! Life's been too great and busy to update. This gonna sums up my trip in KL last month. 

I went to Beauty Fair on my birthday, at the same time to meet my childhood friends, Joy and Alexis hahahahaha I feel funny to call their nicknames, normally their Chinese name. 
Thanks to Facebook for informing them my birthday, and so Joy (lol) bought me a cake and had these 2 pretties to celebrate with me and also our friendship. 

Have to thanks my housemate too for surprising me with 4 big slices of cake. Touching ne...感恩
Not forgetting the greetings, the advance presents, the cake from my family, etc. TQVM!

Wu sui bo? hehe Was a model for a tutor, Winnie. See that 2 loves on my hair? Impressive. 
Aiya, feel so bad, I need to learn to smile better. There's a reason why sometimes I don't smile with my teeth. It's my very weakness and I will tell you after I go for the surgery/treatment. ^^

Saturday Night to welcome Jason the Rump.!

We both agree this is a very nice pic of us^^

Watched Ice hockey. It's a nice sport to watch, I realised. 

What's Saturday without party!? (jokes) 

Forgive my lousy phone.

Feel glad to know this bunch of great people. They're family in KL *sobs* Am I making this too emotional? lol

The next day, I went to Genting, which is totally a disaster. I think you can guess why as I'm not convenient to say it too clear. 
I went from car sick to cable car sick, it was really OMG! Never felt so bad before. Felt much better after a good rest. 
And that "Jason, you owe me" face. hahahaha kidding

Always nice to drink hot coffee in a cold weather.

Nice trip altho I was so sick.

Next visit to...

at the 10th floor. woot.

Suky's being scary cat.


Lights were supposed to be romantic. 

This two chabo always make me feel sad when I was about to leave :(( We said Bye for more than 10 times.

Our last dinner of the trip in a cage like birds. =.= at Rendezvous Restaurant, western cuisine. 

Who wants to drink 伤心柠檬茶oh, 将不吉利。

My cheezy Cordon Bleu. Yummy.

 My pleasure to be invited to have dinner cooked by my tutor (he's not my tutor). 家常饭是最好吃的!
The fishes cooked by him...urm....half of the meat is gone. urm....but still taste good :D

Make up assistant for a day! Can't be thankful enough for the opportunity. 

My last day of the trip, Miri! To attend Wynn's wedding.

Everytime I go KL, I feel thankful to have know these great people. I learn from them, they brought me around, laugh together, it's always great.

俗话说:“在家靠父母,出门靠朋友”. 真是感恩感恩。多谢晒。