Thursday, August 30, 2012

3 Questions of life

Basically my life has nothing interesting now and it's all about uni. I have assignments to submit almost every day till I can't breath. I am tired and stomachache almost everyday. I am tired but insomnia when I plan to sleep. But it's ok, while I'm tired, there are friends there to entertain me. 

Since nothing interesting, I then asked Carol what to write. If you read her blog, she likes to talk about life, theories and may be core value stuffs. She suggested me to write something I will never ever write:

1. What happened?
Nothing interesting happen, it's uni that makes me busy. Recently I met old and new friends. I'm a happier person...I guess.

2. What did you learn?
I learnt not to do work last minute and plan time properly. 

3. How are you gonna practice it tomorrow?
I have no idea. But I have 2 interviews to conduct tomorrow for my group project, and it's gonna be interesting ^^ 

My look today when I out to lunch with Yuet.
Yuet's another sweet girl, she said she missed me when she was in Singapore, I don't care if she was bluffing but at least she said she miss me and she didnt say it to u!
She told me "You know, you are the only one I tell." oh! Can you feel our love? lol

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saturday Night

Although Lito is Indian Christian, but the wedding reception is very Chinese. I was thinking how the reception is different from Chinese, may be we need to wear differently or what, but it's the similar as Chinese's. 

They have lots of performances and funny people there. The foods and decorations were great! 

How I met Lito? I met Lito when we practiced for the AFC (a church) Bollywood dancing competition. That was also when I first met Thanis, Steph, Rachel, etc. 

The bride and groom.

And that night was shouting for encore.

She has a new name called Eahui's mini girl *wink*

I'm so tired now and should be sleeping. But the Internet connection is good now! If I sleep, and no connection again when I wake up, urgh...frustrating.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gifts from Thailand

Pretty gifts from Thailand by my parents. 
Now I become a pouch lover don't know since when, I like beautiful pouches to organise my things well in my bag.
All the stuffs I chose are in bright color because I dislike dull. Colorful makes happy life!

Mango rice from Thailand.
It tastes weird in the beginning because we are not used to it. But it actually tastes interesting and nice. 
Although just a small portion but you can feel very full because it's 糯米。
This is what the Thais eat, may be similar as our nasi katuk. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ah Ma Garage Sale 2

Been helping/accompanying my grandma at the garage sale. We have changed our time as requested, we will be open until evening, today my grandma opened until 9+ pm. She just wishes people would visit and check the things out. 

It's awesome to see people come and my grandma definitely feels syok when she sees people are buying lol
We are adding stuffs almost everyday because we really have a lot of stuffs for sell. You can tell us what you need so we can get ready if we have stock. So you can come every 3-4 days to check out the new stock. 

The date is actually not fixed, but my grandma plans to sell for 2 weeks, then rest, then sell again. So may be you can go check out anytime if you feel you want to. 

As my grandma is at home most of the time, you can try to horn to see if she's in if the gate is closed, she will open the gate to welcome you. But not too late la. Don't disturb old people like at 10 pm =.=" 
You can come early like 8+am, we are already there to prepare. 

Plastic bags of different sizes

Photo frames at $1

3 plates for $1

Jerseys and also clothes for men, woman, teens and kids.

Stationery. We also have pencil box, pen, marker pen, etc.

Earings, hairbands, hair clips.


Toys, cups, containers, dolls, soft toys etc at $1

Prayer mat

For your kitchen or restaurant. 

All the items are new, except for my 2nd hand clothes. I'm selling my clothes there, new and worn. 

Spread this, Come and visit us, Bring your family :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ah Ma Garage Sale

We are selling a lot of stuffs, little stuffs big stuffs, majority are new as we are clearing our storeroom. 
We will be open for around 2 weeks, it depends. 
Hope you can read the map, it's easy to find, it's just in front of Chung Ching Primary School.
I write "We are somewhere here" because I'm not sure how many houses are there. It's easy to find as you can obviously see garage sale there.
I'll be selling a bit of new clothes that I ordered from abroad, and may be books.

Come to visit us and support my grandma :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ladies night @ I-Lotus

It's sungkai again! 

We were deciding whether to dine at Twelve Cafe or I-Lotus because both are good and may be the menu quite similar? They both have seafood. I-Lotus has nearly 100 dishes but it's under tent, so no aircon. We ended up going to I-Lotus. 

I called quite many times, for more than 10 calls, to I-Lotus since 10am, and it kept engaging. I wanted to ask what's the menu for the night, but when I finally get to reach I-Lotus, I straight away book in case the girls choose to eat there but hard to reach again. 

It's really hot, we were lucky to sit beside the fan so it was ok. It was crowded and people were Q-ing up to get foods. 

Seafood for grill.

See the plates are Q-ing up for the grill.

They have ABC too.

I don't really like curry puffs. Anything with curry I dislike. But I still eat.

Lots of sauces.

Deep fried fritters.

This takoyaki tastes weird and bad. The Mall's still best.

Main courses: Rice, kue tiao, kailan, mixed vege, billing, tofu, sweet and sour fish, prawn, curry chicken, stew beef.

The grill prawn.

I like crabs, but they are too spicy. Remember to request for the not spicy one if you can't take spicy.



There was a chef who kept talking to us. We thought he likes my friend, Chien, the one wearing black and red checkers. He even asked if we are Korean, but we said we are Japanese. Then we all started to speak Japanese lol The chef was really action, even danced in front us. 

Raya is coming and my holiday is until Friday! So what! Assignments are q-ing up for me to finish them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sungkai @ Capers

 Eat all we can, pasta and pizzas!

How can I not eat carbonara when it comes to pasta? It's a must.

Seafood pizza and tropical feast, not bad!

There were more pastas of course, but I was too excited to eat them so forgot to take the pics, after that I felt bored because all the pastas look similar. 

Sometimes I look photogenic with my camera, but not my phone, vice versa. Today I look weird with my cam, so not photogenic. Then I took out my phone wanna Instagram, then wuuu...I look OK in the insta. ^^