Thursday, August 30, 2012

3 Questions of life

Basically my life has nothing interesting now and it's all about uni. I have assignments to submit almost every day till I can't breath. I am tired and stomachache almost everyday. I am tired but insomnia when I plan to sleep. But it's ok, while I'm tired, there are friends there to entertain me. 

Since nothing interesting, I then asked Carol what to write. If you read her blog, she likes to talk about life, theories and may be core value stuffs. She suggested me to write something I will never ever write:

1. What happened?
Nothing interesting happen, it's uni that makes me busy. Recently I met old and new friends. I'm a happier person...I guess.

2. What did you learn?
I learnt not to do work last minute and plan time properly. 

3. How are you gonna practice it tomorrow?
I have no idea. But I have 2 interviews to conduct tomorrow for my group project, and it's gonna be interesting ^^ 

My look today when I out to lunch with Yuet.
Yuet's another sweet girl, she said she missed me when she was in Singapore, I don't care if she was bluffing but at least she said she miss me and she didnt say it to u!
She told me "You know, you are the only one I tell." oh! Can you feel our love? lol

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