Monday, September 3, 2012

My week in photos

The 4 golden flower went to interview Excapade. It's our project. 
The owner is very friendly, and at least this project is not that tough lol so we not much stress I guess.

We dined there after the interview.

Shimi, the very hardworking flower, started to work on the project after finished eating.

After that, went to interview BAG. This is the stress one because little knowledge about IT.

Went to sing K! 

I cut my hair!

Went to swimming on Sunday early morning. It was awesome and I'm a pro swimmer now *wink*

I was so excited to hear this year we have a trip to Japan, I definitely joining the interview and hope I will be chosen. But it's on the first week of December which kinda mess up my schedule because I actually plan to travel with the friends on the first week ><
 It's my last chance applying for this so I must do my best.

And the happiest news of the week is assignment being postponed.
Seriously, everyone is so happy and screaming out the excitement.

More events coming up, goodnight :)

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