Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Miri!

This was the most productive day during the sem break :)

Dining at Station One. 

If you know Station One got a popular drink named YesTea. It looks so refreshing and attractive. Please don't expect too high if you are ordering it. It's just a green tea, unless you wanna drink green tea

Salmon Pasta, not bad.

Wanted to take a pic of the hot babe behind.

 Mini haul:
Bunny perfumes from Parkson.
Few months ago I already have an eye on this, but I didn't buy. Went back and it was out of stock. And I saw them again yesterday. It smells really nice and light, like you're in love :D

Cute. Yes, I mean me.

Very nice earrings. 
Kinda headache at first because I have 7 pierces. Wasn't sure how to match them. And I figured out. 

Get this because the smell is bit similar as Body Shop limited edition Cranberry shower gel
Yea, it's limited edition, that's mean no more selling on the rack. So I replace it by this.
Only RM1 for the second one, so Dk chipped in RM1 and asked why do I need to consider that long since it's just RM1. lol
Because it's really a big bottle, I wonder when can I finish it. 

MQ hot pants.

Before going to Miri, I recorded a stupid birthday vid for Carol. Since Carol said it's not stupid so I decided to upload it for the sake of memories in case something wrong with the gadgets and I lose the video. Do you know how much courage for me to upload that stupid vid!? I am so stupid in the vid ok. I'm throwing my own face ok. But I don't care. Because I look chio in the vid lol Stay tune.

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