Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's DK's day

It's DK's birthday!

How old is that?
That thing is designed by a creative designer, EaHui~

We celebrated earlier and had seafoods BBQ.

Wish him all the best and the tummy be forever bouncy :D

Monday, March 25, 2013

Why O.P.I. is expensive?

The normal nail polishes sold at The Face Shop, Guardian, or non-branded ones, normally costs around B$4 - B$6 or may be cheaper. However, O.P.I. costs around B$10+ 20+. People like me who don't wanna spend so much on that small bottle would rather find something similar and cheaper. 

All of us know that O.P.I is a good brand because of the price but some of us may not know why is it good. I seriously impress with the quality after I tried O.P.I. 

Left: when I first applied. Right: 3 weeks after I applied.

The nail polish still stays after 3 weeks except for the part of my new grown nail. Normally, using the normal nail polish, it starts to get lesser and lesser after a week, because we wash our hands often, and it peels. You know what I'm talking about if you use nail polish.

O.P.I. can really extend wear. I believe it can stay for more than a month. Another good thing about it is it doesn't have awful smell.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another stage of life

Here's an update about myself if you're interested because I'm going to another stage of life. I officially quitting my student life on the last day of April. Not gonna get MBA (master) as I really cannot study anymore, my brain is full, I dislike exams, I dislike writing reports :(

Some of my friends can't wait to end this semester, but I definitely hope I can stay a lil bit longer as a student. Uni really gives me too much memories, like working with different people, the activities, the hostel life with the hostel mates etc. I guess hostel life is something I'll miss the most. I remember how me and my school mates complain about hostel because it's hot, it's not convenient when it comes to cooking, sometimes dirty toilets. But after some time, I have get used to it. Sometimes rather stay in hostel than going back home.

I'm not sure how's my life gonna be when I step into the society. I hope it's not all about working in the office. I have few plannings which I don't know but I hope it all comes true and successful as I don't have the capabilities at the moment and need the financial support from my dad. Ofcourse, later when I start working, I hope I can make my dreams all come true by myself and maybe friends' assistance I perhaps.

Currently, I'm still working on my e-boutique which will be launch soon I hope, because I have lots of assignment lately x.x

I'll be working hard and go travel around the world. Tokyo is the first in my list. YAY!

Seriously I don't have time to study anymore at this age, I don't know how my friends can make it to master. By the time they start working is like 25 already. Then in 2-3 years it's time to get married, not enough $$ to get married by that time right?

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lily's day

We were celebrating Lily's birthday. Was really a belated one, because it was 10 days after the actual birthday. 

Somehow I think our relationship is kinda funny. We met quite often at parties last time like every week, after that we meet occasionally, sometimes at events, few friends of mine are interested to know her and they would go through me....but....the way we communicate is not like Carol and I. I'm not sure is it because she's too cool or I'm too paiseh. 她是一位令我很难摸索的一个女人。lol Anyway, I'm always happy to see her. 

I never thought we would hang out. The first time I met her was like meeting a superstar. She was like a super model to me, I first met her at Ridwan's house. I know my friend wants to know her then I texted him "OMG!! She's here! The world so small!" 

We went Miri together. Er...I also don't understand how all these happen. 

Pics of the night:

Was at Soriso. I think this is called Antipesto? Very nice appetizers. 

The picture quality sucks because I paiseh to take out my camera so I used iPhone 4.


Wish her all the best.

Birthday is always the best day right? But for me it's not a day that I like the most I guess. It always falls on holiday so my friends are not able to surprise me hahaha wtf. Not that sad, I do receive something from my friends every year. Or sometimes I was too surprise to receive surprises that I actually not in a good condition. My eye was swollen during my 21st surprise birthday party so I couldn't wear make up and I didn't actually wear nicely. My valuable things were stolen at the car window breaking case when it was near to my 22nd birthday. My friend actually reminded me why I always receive so little gifts because I always say "Just come to eat ah...no need bring presents." After that I super regret of saying that. Because my dad always say that to his friends! That's why my mind-set is affected. 

I love Christmas! X'mas's my fav day :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Chez Fio Bistro

I read few reviews about this restaurant but never thought I would love it, I really like the ambiance. It reminds me of my happy Singapore trip because of the feel and the smell perhaps, as it's quite similar to one of my fav cafe in Singapore. 

Brunei is really in need of this kind of restaurant, lovely and relax. It's at Kiulap btw, beside Netzone. 

The bar. 
This bar tender, the waiters and waitresses look quite smart may be because of their outfit, or may be of their body.  They look just pro.

I like this restaurant over Country Patch now. But I think they have too little choices on the main course. 

Citrus Chicken with salads. Not oily, love the taste of the citrus sauce, it's perfect. B$10.

Beef sandwich with cheese? Not sure what's the name. 

It's smoked beef. This is good too. Quite filling.

The Vancouver Mocktail. It's sprite + soda + something. Not bad but kinda sweet when it's towards the finish of the drink.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Pondok Sari Wangi: Citis Square branch

PSW just had a new branch opened at Citis Square. They have few new dishes. 

Itik Penyet

One of my fav, green chilli! Was wondering why Thanis love it so much, after my first try then I like it!
But I like it with beef, which is only available at the Sengkurong branch. 

Sup tulang. Thumbs up too.

For more PSW foods, you can search using the search box at the top of this blog :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Brunei National Day

It was Brunei National Day few weeks ago. During the school years, we, students would be invited to wave the flags to welcome His Majesty. If we are not invited, then we will just watch live at home. Either way, we don't know what's happening outside because we are either at home or at the event.

My friend was joining the event, we drove him to Bandar so he didn't need to have a hard time to find a parking. The towns were so empty and quiet. 

The students got ready there early in the morning, and it was like they were welcoming us. lol
At least I can feel a bit like how His Majesty feel?

Police were everywhere especially at the junctions. 

Most of the people parked at Kiulap and walked to Bandar. It's kinda far I think. So the Kiulap parking lots are kinda full. 

Somehow I like to go out early in the morning. I like the fresh air and temperature in the morning. If people ask me to go out early in the morning, I sure ON. I have more energy to hike in the morning that in the afternoon. Sometimes friends will say, if morning cannot hike then afternoon la, I'll feel lazy and x.x

I haven't seen one but I would love to watch the sunrise. Or picnic by the beach in the morning.

But it's weird, if go to school/lecture/work, I hate waking up in the morning.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What do I seek in life?

A friend asked me this.

1. Experiences. I would like to have a lot of experiences in my life, big and small, good and bad, everything! Sometimes we just have to break the rule. Opps, like something bad to learn here huh. I grow up in a traditional family, not very traditional but not very open too. My childhood life had a lot of canning, so it has created a kind of attitude of mine that I don't really dare to do a lot of things just to respect my parents. I dislike making lies because it's tiring to have another lie to cover one another.
So what I do is to beautify the situation using pretty words to make my parents allow me to do some stuffs. For example, if party is a sensitive word because my mom would think I'm going to drink. Then I'll say "mami, I'm going for a dinner tonight." This is a trick taught by my dad btw. haha But this no more longer happens now as I grow older. We face different difficulties at every age.

Riding on the thrills are great experiences. And also playing water sports which I don't really dare to play in the future again due to the fear of sharks and jelly fish. So I feel lucky that I experienced water sports before. I experienced snow, skiing, Mt. Kinabalu canopy walk, table tennis tournaments, modelling, jumped over the tennis net and broke my nose, worked in a lot of companies, party 2 nights in a row without sleeping, all these all these are wonderful experiences isn't it. Even being cheated by boyfriend is an awesome experience too. Do I sound sarcastic? lol

2. Excitement and adventure. Breaking the rules, riding on the thrills, met celebrities, happening party, being asked for a date, travelling, etc. Sometimes when I got too excited, I need to calm myself down for a day as I'll feel "I'm so excited! Is this me? Am I still me? Better cool down and figure if I'm still me." x.x Something like that.

I used to be adventurous and daring to try out everything then I realised as I grow older, my guts become smaller. I watched too much scary news regarding how people die during bungee jump and in hot hair balloon, etc. I watched final destination that makes my gut even smaller. However, there are times when I'm not even fear of anything, super hyper to do something extraordinary. Yea, but it's like 3/10 times. =.="

I love travelling! Every one's dream is to travel around the world, so do I. I'ma save part of my income for travelling when I start working. I wanna go everywhere, experience different cultures, try different cuisines, meet different people etc. I'm not saying only, I will make all these come true ok.

We seek everything good in our lives. Of course, before doing all the exciting stuffs we must have good health, then good income, then good life.

Good Health + Good Income = Awesome Life

Watched a news few days ago about an Australian guy who completed 100 things to do in his life in 2 years Read More 
Ima come out with mine too :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What my Little Brother said 3

Was dining at Kaizen. My little brother was making an order:

Bro: I want unagi don.

Waitress: Do you want garlic rice or plain rice?

Bro: mm....rice la!

Then the foods ordering went on.

After a while, when his foods arrived, he was trying to ask my dad to eat a bit of his unagi don:

Dad: 不要啦。你吃而已。(Don't want la, you eat only.)

Bro: 我是会为家人牺牲的。(I will always sacrifice for family)

lol this kid ah...

Monday, March 4, 2013

WeekS in Photos

It was my first time attending church wedding, it was my ex uni mate, Thomas's wedding. 
We super give face to our friend because some of us skipped lecture to attend the wedding :D

More photos on CNY. 
Forced smiling.

Ee Ding soo cute.

 Big boss treated me seafoods.

It's like the Certificate Month because I received 2 certs lately.
I was receiving the citizenship cert. I thought it was a simple cert presentation, it actually was a grand one.

Then few days ago I received the international recognised Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 Certificate
300,000+ participants in the world, 60+ participants in Brunei and 30+ people succeeded. I'm one of them! Yay!
When it was open for registration I was thinking if I want to join or not, because if I join the test, I will miss Singapore Annual Zouk Out Party lol Lucky I passed the test and received a cert! Very honorable.

Met Yahui there too, she was also receiving the cert. We always make fun of each other's name because we have the same Chinese name. 

After 2.5 years of studying Japanese, I was able to join and pass this test, I'm thankful to have a great and super hard working teacher, Mdm Minako Keaney, the one sitting on the very left.  

Bought magazines from Miri.