Monday, March 4, 2013

WeekS in Photos

It was my first time attending church wedding, it was my ex uni mate, Thomas's wedding. 
We super give face to our friend because some of us skipped lecture to attend the wedding :D

More photos on CNY. 
Forced smiling.

Ee Ding soo cute.

 Big boss treated me seafoods.

It's like the Certificate Month because I received 2 certs lately.
I was receiving the citizenship cert. I thought it was a simple cert presentation, it actually was a grand one.

Then few days ago I received the international recognised Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 Certificate
300,000+ participants in the world, 60+ participants in Brunei and 30+ people succeeded. I'm one of them! Yay!
When it was open for registration I was thinking if I want to join or not, because if I join the test, I will miss Singapore Annual Zouk Out Party lol Lucky I passed the test and received a cert! Very honorable.

Met Yahui there too, she was also receiving the cert. We always make fun of each other's name because we have the same Chinese name. 

After 2.5 years of studying Japanese, I was able to join and pass this test, I'm thankful to have a great and super hard working teacher, Mdm Minako Keaney, the one sitting on the very left.  

Bought magazines from Miri. 

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