Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lily's day

We were celebrating Lily's birthday. Was really a belated one, because it was 10 days after the actual birthday. 

Somehow I think our relationship is kinda funny. We met quite often at parties last time like every week, after that we meet occasionally, sometimes at events, few friends of mine are interested to know her and they would go through me....but....the way we communicate is not like Carol and I. I'm not sure is it because she's too cool or I'm too paiseh. 她是一位令我很难摸索的一个女人。lol Anyway, I'm always happy to see her. 

I never thought we would hang out. The first time I met her was like meeting a superstar. She was like a super model to me, I first met her at Ridwan's house. I know my friend wants to know her then I texted him "OMG!! She's here! The world so small!" 

We went Miri together. Er...I also don't understand how all these happen. 

Pics of the night:

Was at Soriso. I think this is called Antipesto? Very nice appetizers. 

The picture quality sucks because I paiseh to take out my camera so I used iPhone 4.


Wish her all the best.

Birthday is always the best day right? But for me it's not a day that I like the most I guess. It always falls on holiday so my friends are not able to surprise me hahaha wtf. Not that sad, I do receive something from my friends every year. Or sometimes I was too surprise to receive surprises that I actually not in a good condition. My eye was swollen during my 21st surprise birthday party so I couldn't wear make up and I didn't actually wear nicely. My valuable things were stolen at the car window breaking case when it was near to my 22nd birthday. My friend actually reminded me why I always receive so little gifts because I always say "Just come to eat ah...no need bring presents." After that I super regret of saying that. Because my dad always say that to his friends! That's why my mind-set is affected. 

I love Christmas! X'mas's my fav day :)

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