Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What do I seek in life?

A friend asked me this.

1. Experiences. I would like to have a lot of experiences in my life, big and small, good and bad, everything! Sometimes we just have to break the rule. Opps, like something bad to learn here huh. I grow up in a traditional family, not very traditional but not very open too. My childhood life had a lot of canning, so it has created a kind of attitude of mine that I don't really dare to do a lot of things just to respect my parents. I dislike making lies because it's tiring to have another lie to cover one another.
So what I do is to beautify the situation using pretty words to make my parents allow me to do some stuffs. For example, if party is a sensitive word because my mom would think I'm going to drink. Then I'll say "mami, I'm going for a dinner tonight." This is a trick taught by my dad btw. haha But this no more longer happens now as I grow older. We face different difficulties at every age.

Riding on the thrills are great experiences. And also playing water sports which I don't really dare to play in the future again due to the fear of sharks and jelly fish. So I feel lucky that I experienced water sports before. I experienced snow, skiing, Mt. Kinabalu canopy walk, table tennis tournaments, modelling, jumped over the tennis net and broke my nose, worked in a lot of companies, party 2 nights in a row without sleeping, all these all these are wonderful experiences isn't it. Even being cheated by boyfriend is an awesome experience too. Do I sound sarcastic? lol

2. Excitement and adventure. Breaking the rules, riding on the thrills, met celebrities, happening party, being asked for a date, travelling, etc. Sometimes when I got too excited, I need to calm myself down for a day as I'll feel "I'm so excited! Is this me? Am I still me? Better cool down and figure if I'm still me." x.x Something like that.

I used to be adventurous and daring to try out everything then I realised as I grow older, my guts become smaller. I watched too much scary news regarding how people die during bungee jump and in hot hair balloon, etc. I watched final destination that makes my gut even smaller. However, there are times when I'm not even fear of anything, super hyper to do something extraordinary. Yea, but it's like 3/10 times. =.="

I love travelling! Every one's dream is to travel around the world, so do I. I'ma save part of my income for travelling when I start working. I wanna go everywhere, experience different cultures, try different cuisines, meet different people etc. I'm not saying only, I will make all these come true ok.

We seek everything good in our lives. Of course, before doing all the exciting stuffs we must have good health, then good income, then good life.

Good Health + Good Income = Awesome Life

Watched a news few days ago about an Australian guy who completed 100 things to do in his life in 2 years Read More 
Ima come out with mine too :)

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