Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Brunei National Day

It was Brunei National Day few weeks ago. During the school years, we, students would be invited to wave the flags to welcome His Majesty. If we are not invited, then we will just watch live at home. Either way, we don't know what's happening outside because we are either at home or at the event.

My friend was joining the event, we drove him to Bandar so he didn't need to have a hard time to find a parking. The towns were so empty and quiet. 

The students got ready there early in the morning, and it was like they were welcoming us. lol
At least I can feel a bit like how His Majesty feel?

Police were everywhere especially at the junctions. 

Most of the people parked at Kiulap and walked to Bandar. It's kinda far I think. So the Kiulap parking lots are kinda full. 

Somehow I like to go out early in the morning. I like the fresh air and temperature in the morning. If people ask me to go out early in the morning, I sure ON. I have more energy to hike in the morning that in the afternoon. Sometimes friends will say, if morning cannot hike then afternoon la, I'll feel lazy and x.x

I haven't seen one but I would love to watch the sunrise. Or picnic by the beach in the morning.

But it's weird, if go to school/lecture/work, I hate waking up in the morning.

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