Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another stage of life

Here's an update about myself if you're interested because I'm going to another stage of life. I officially quitting my student life on the last day of April. Not gonna get MBA (master) as I really cannot study anymore, my brain is full, I dislike exams, I dislike writing reports :(

Some of my friends can't wait to end this semester, but I definitely hope I can stay a lil bit longer as a student. Uni really gives me too much memories, like working with different people, the activities, the hostel life with the hostel mates etc. I guess hostel life is something I'll miss the most. I remember how me and my school mates complain about hostel because it's hot, it's not convenient when it comes to cooking, sometimes dirty toilets. But after some time, I have get used to it. Sometimes rather stay in hostel than going back home.

I'm not sure how's my life gonna be when I step into the society. I hope it's not all about working in the office. I have few plannings which I don't know but I hope it all comes true and successful as I don't have the capabilities at the moment and need the financial support from my dad. Ofcourse, later when I start working, I hope I can make my dreams all come true by myself and maybe friends' assistance I perhaps.

Currently, I'm still working on my e-boutique which will be launch soon I hope, because I have lots of assignment lately x.x

I'll be working hard and go travel around the world. Tokyo is the first in my list. YAY!

Seriously I don't have time to study anymore at this age, I don't know how my friends can make it to master. By the time they start working is like 25 already. Then in 2-3 years it's time to get married, not enough $$ to get married by that time right?

Wish me luck.

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WanWan said...

Try Singapore or Taiwan because Hong Kong's room rental is too crazy. Unless you are willing to pay Bnd1k for a tiny room in an old building.