Monday, March 18, 2013

Chez Fio Bistro

I read few reviews about this restaurant but never thought I would love it, I really like the ambiance. It reminds me of my happy Singapore trip because of the feel and the smell perhaps, as it's quite similar to one of my fav cafe in Singapore. 

Brunei is really in need of this kind of restaurant, lovely and relax. It's at Kiulap btw, beside Netzone. 

The bar. 
This bar tender, the waiters and waitresses look quite smart may be because of their outfit, or may be of their body.  They look just pro.

I like this restaurant over Country Patch now. But I think they have too little choices on the main course. 

Citrus Chicken with salads. Not oily, love the taste of the citrus sauce, it's perfect. B$10.

Beef sandwich with cheese? Not sure what's the name. 

It's smoked beef. This is good too. Quite filling.

The Vancouver Mocktail. It's sprite + soda + something. Not bad but kinda sweet when it's towards the finish of the drink.


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