Friday, November 30, 2012

If you happy & you know it, drink a shot. *gulp gulp*

I'm happy because exam is finishing soon. It's getting lesser stress now, because I still left 2 Japanese exams. Currently in Japanese Level 5 in UBD, everything is getting confuse because we learn more and more Japanese. I think I only enjoy writing Kanji (Japanese's Chinese Characters). The reason I take Japanese for this semester because I wanted to go to Japan sponsored by JBFA (Japan-Brunei *something* Association). Then I wasn't chosen after the interview, wishing one or two of those chosen can't make it to the trip, unfortunately, I'm unlucky that they all can make it x.x

I'm happy because I'm going for a week holiday trip to visit the beloved sister and shopping!

I'm happy because I got another member in the list of Close Friends, named S. We chatted a lot recently. She didn't feel comfortable talking to me at first (because I make up? I'm too out going?), but now she's more comfortable with it. :) We tell each other stories when we were too stress studying. Sometimes she will leave note on my door, who doesn't feel happy when something surprise you when you're back to room or wake up in the morning? Then slowly, I started to fell in love with her, damn it.

I'm happy because, hopefully, nothing goes wrong, and my scholarship will be approved then my dad can save thousands for educating the daughter. *nod head proudly*

I'm happy because I have a good news/big present coming soon in the beginning of 2013 (given that dooms day is not gonna happen on 21.12.2012).

I'm happy because everyone in my life treats me good and make me happy. *appreciate*

Then lastly, I'm happy because I'm getting married.

JUST KIDDING for getting married!

Wish y'all have a great holiday :) I'm looking forward to Christmas!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mr Baker's Sandwich

Ever since I know the Mr Baker at Gadong Central sells sandwiches, I said I must go there one day and try! Because I loooove sandwiches. For some foods, I like a combination of few foods in it, like sandwiches, burgers, bimbimbap, or the American breakfast. I'm not a VERY fan of burger, but sandwich is!

I like sandwich for breakfast. When a friend told me that he's planning to open Jimmy John's Sandwich Franchise in Brunei, I hope it really comes true.  


The first thing I looked into was panini, because the pictures that my friends posted all look delicious.
I ordered Smoked beef with mushroom panini.

I don't really like smoked stuff because it's salty, but this is good! I like the combination with the mushroom. And it's the popular one as told by the waitress. This is B$5.80

This drink is refreshing and tastes good, although a bit expensive B$5.00. But at least try something good in your life. lol

Overall it's quite good, must try!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Graphic Designs Portfolio

Here's all my art works for Graphic Design in my uni. 

I'm kinda doubt how my lecturer gives us mark because there were more than 10-20 students or even more than that, he only flipped through our portfolios (even my friend, Jayden, checked every details of my work), and said "I'll give your mark later" and RETURNED our portfolio to us. That's mean he only used his brain to remember all the students' work, and give marks based on the ability of his brain. He...urm urm...has white hair already, you get what I mean? =.="

CJ (my coursemate) wasn't able to submit when the lecturer was in uni, so he met the lecturer personally at somewhere, and maybe lecturer can remember his work well because he was the only student at that time. 

I spent months to do this, this is so damn time consuming and the lecturer didn't actually help us. He expects everyone knows how to do. How about those students like me, who have no basics of design or photoshop? He didn't give comments whenever I show him my works, even when I asked "Anything that I need to improve?" He would reply "Nothing". Then I'll ask "Is this what you want? Are you OK with these? You like it?" Then he will reply "I can't tell." =.=" I thought lecturer should give comments isn't it? 

And if CJ's grade is better than me just because the lecturer loves foods (CJ did restaurant designs), damn. Then I should have done foods design. I don't think he likes mine because mine is fashion. He likes one of the artworks of a furniture company. OMG OMG! In fact, the furniture company's artworks are nice. lol I only hope he looks into the design and not company ><

Tell me what do you think of my designs if you have comments. Thank you much.




Brochure. I like this most.

Photo manipulation

Magazine Cover 


These designs are All Rights Reserved. Somehow, I have some future plans so I may use these designs. Tell me my designs aren't that bad :) Any comments?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Star Stripes Nail

I never do my nails in salon before, this is the first one :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello Kitty Portable Charger

Finally got my cute charger from Singapore. No more dead phones!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Poster: Fashion Show

Another artwork of mine. 
P/s: Above event does not exist. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Finished your Skin 79 BB Cream!?

I've been headache when my BB cream is almost finish, I hardly can pump the cream out. But I know there is still a bit left inside. I've asked my friends who are using it too, but no one knows. How!?

The container was not friendly enough, I couldn't open, I couldn't cut. I almost change to another brand because it's wasting when I know there is a bit left, but I can't use it. Sad!

Then I went to the shop and told the salesgirl about it, then she told me it can be opened! I was so excited!

First, pull the inner one out (arrow).

Then turn to open.

Then you can continue to use it!

Among all the BB creams I've tried, Skin 79 is the best currently. It suits me at least. 
The texture is not too light not too thick, no awful smell, not very oily and the colour suits me. 

What brand are you using?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Halloween

Love the lights, very nice decoration.

This is the scariest party I ever had.
Penalty for late comers, punishment for worst costume and lots of rules.
The funniest rule was we were not allowed to sit on the sofa when the games start, not even a lean lol 

Guess the best costume ^^

...and the worst costume.

From top left to bottom right:
Popeye, unknown, French maid, Superman, Spongebob Squarepants, Simpson?

*I forgot that name*, ghostbuster?, Poison Ivy, *I know she's someone popular*, Rainbow?, Terminator?

I'm so sorry, can't really remember the names, obviously I'm one who rarely watch movies :D

French maid trying to make Monroe's dress fly~~~~

Resident Evil

Kungfu Panda snake?


Creepy if I stand behind while people are taking photos.
I am the Chinese ghost drama 七姐妹's one of the ghost sisters vomitting blood. wtf

The best costumes. I voted Tron and Borat, how can not vote Borat!? 
His arse was the first thing I saw when I enter the house.

and me, one of the worst costumes :( with the secret punishment.

The games:

Stake it

Chai mui

Awesome expressions at the Cookie Monster.

Beer pong

Snap/Heart attack. I won la ofcourse.

Pick the peas.

Find the X.



Cool birthday knife.

End of Halloween hit, see you next year~

Monday, November 5, 2012


Google image

I asked a friend, "为什么男子谈恋爱后会越变越肥?"

He replied, "幸福啊。"

Melted the girlfriend's heart.