Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Halloween

Love the lights, very nice decoration.

This is the scariest party I ever had.
Penalty for late comers, punishment for worst costume and lots of rules.
The funniest rule was we were not allowed to sit on the sofa when the games start, not even a lean lol 

Guess the best costume ^^

...and the worst costume.

From top left to bottom right:
Popeye, unknown, French maid, Superman, Spongebob Squarepants, Simpson?

*I forgot that name*, ghostbuster?, Poison Ivy, *I know she's someone popular*, Rainbow?, Terminator?

I'm so sorry, can't really remember the names, obviously I'm one who rarely watch movies :D

French maid trying to make Monroe's dress fly~~~~

Resident Evil

Kungfu Panda snake?


Creepy if I stand behind while people are taking photos.
I am the Chinese ghost drama 七姐妹's one of the ghost sisters vomitting blood. wtf

The best costumes. I voted Tron and Borat, how can not vote Borat!? 
His arse was the first thing I saw when I enter the house.

and me, one of the worst costumes :( with the secret punishment.

The games:

Stake it

Chai mui

Awesome expressions at the Cookie Monster.

Beer pong

Snap/Heart attack. I won la ofcourse.

Pick the peas.

Find the X.



Cool birthday knife.

End of Halloween hit, see you next year~

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