Friday, November 30, 2012

If you happy & you know it, drink a shot. *gulp gulp*

I'm happy because exam is finishing soon. It's getting lesser stress now, because I still left 2 Japanese exams. Currently in Japanese Level 5 in UBD, everything is getting confuse because we learn more and more Japanese. I think I only enjoy writing Kanji (Japanese's Chinese Characters). The reason I take Japanese for this semester because I wanted to go to Japan sponsored by JBFA (Japan-Brunei *something* Association). Then I wasn't chosen after the interview, wishing one or two of those chosen can't make it to the trip, unfortunately, I'm unlucky that they all can make it x.x

I'm happy because I'm going for a week holiday trip to visit the beloved sister and shopping!

I'm happy because I got another member in the list of Close Friends, named S. We chatted a lot recently. She didn't feel comfortable talking to me at first (because I make up? I'm too out going?), but now she's more comfortable with it. :) We tell each other stories when we were too stress studying. Sometimes she will leave note on my door, who doesn't feel happy when something surprise you when you're back to room or wake up in the morning? Then slowly, I started to fell in love with her, damn it.

I'm happy because, hopefully, nothing goes wrong, and my scholarship will be approved then my dad can save thousands for educating the daughter. *nod head proudly*

I'm happy because I have a good news/big present coming soon in the beginning of 2013 (given that dooms day is not gonna happen on 21.12.2012).

I'm happy because everyone in my life treats me good and make me happy. *appreciate*

Then lastly, I'm happy because I'm getting married.

JUST KIDDING for getting married!

Wish y'all have a great holiday :) I'm looking forward to Christmas!

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