Friday, November 9, 2012

Finished your Skin 79 BB Cream!?

I've been headache when my BB cream is almost finish, I hardly can pump the cream out. But I know there is still a bit left inside. I've asked my friends who are using it too, but no one knows. How!?

The container was not friendly enough, I couldn't open, I couldn't cut. I almost change to another brand because it's wasting when I know there is a bit left, but I can't use it. Sad!

Then I went to the shop and told the salesgirl about it, then she told me it can be opened! I was so excited!

First, pull the inner one out (arrow).

Then turn to open.

Then you can continue to use it!

Among all the BB creams I've tried, Skin 79 is the best currently. It suits me at least. 
The texture is not too light not too thick, no awful smell, not very oily and the colour suits me. 

What brand are you using?

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