Monday, November 26, 2012

Mr Baker's Sandwich

Ever since I know the Mr Baker at Gadong Central sells sandwiches, I said I must go there one day and try! Because I loooove sandwiches. For some foods, I like a combination of few foods in it, like sandwiches, burgers, bimbimbap, or the American breakfast. I'm not a VERY fan of burger, but sandwich is!

I like sandwich for breakfast. When a friend told me that he's planning to open Jimmy John's Sandwich Franchise in Brunei, I hope it really comes true.  


The first thing I looked into was panini, because the pictures that my friends posted all look delicious.
I ordered Smoked beef with mushroom panini.

I don't really like smoked stuff because it's salty, but this is good! I like the combination with the mushroom. And it's the popular one as told by the waitress. This is B$5.80

This drink is refreshing and tastes good, although a bit expensive B$5.00. But at least try something good in your life. lol

Overall it's quite good, must try!

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