Saturday, December 27, 2008

Twin Tower Trip

Twilight is so nice! Robert Pattinson handsome meh? All girls are like insane on him lor. Pale like lack-of-blood. May be in the movie he's not nice, may be the real person will do. Overall, quite sweet the story. The food is in front of them, and still they protect her. *love*

Im going to KL in a few hours! Should I record a vedio like Dawn Yang? hahaha

Wont be bringing lappie, very mafan loh. Blog again when I come back on Jan 1st.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Xmas


Went to Bandar on the 24th, at the same time celebrate my parents' anniversary. So damn hungry until we don give a damn whether the foods are nice or not. Went to Sushi Tei.

Am I lucky or Sakai? Seems like whatever I request is free! Asked how much to purchase to get Paul n' Elizabeth's calender. OH~ it's free w/o any purchase.

How to get Sushi Tei priviledge card? Free again. But well, won't go there the second time. If not escapade is bursting full, I wont step into another restaurant.

Too much to happen in a short time. It's coming to 2009, my luck is gonna change?

Santa, I have been so good this year...

I still have so much not yet done! Gonna push myself in 2 days before going to KL. Hope I can bring my lappie and get to online there coz my blog gonna follow me wherever I go.

OH OH ming hwei is back! Met her yesterday and we sat down whole noon and chat non-stop. The topic is like how she's doing is s'pore, until blood stuffs, then about plastic, filming, and so on.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dep Dep

Today class again lo. I'm the one who show the demo today XD

Everyday rumours flying everywhere. Sometimes depressed but if there's something for me to do, a smile will appear on me. Of course, depressions dont solve problem, why not happy making you younger?

Tomorrow, wohooo! Whole day activities waiting for me to bring laughters to them.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bruneian lang

Went to Chien house and browsed the pics in my lappie. Until she saw this pic and said...

Chien: Oh, 你放 sun block right? (u use sun block right?)

Yaya: huh? why? (was thinking may be she's saying no flash light)

Chien: 你放 sun block...

Yaya: ???...OH! 你放 “上 blog ” =.=

Improper language leads to misunderstanding.

She told me funny things during my party. When Vincent and ah Tan know about "Chloe" production, they were thinking a party is just an excuse for looking Ka-le-fer =.=

Guess what this tablet is?


For drinking?

After putting it into water...

Its a cloth! something like tissue.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Brother o...

I agree, agree and AGREE with THIS post.

People say, "We grow up together, we are childhood friend wo, we are so close, you don trust me meh?"


Since we grow up together, why do back stabbing, why betraying, why making your own notorious?

At the same day, hearing from two different people saying, "He talked about you."
Yaya: Oh what he said?
"Oh, he said that you *rumours + salt + pepper + untrue + bo liao people talk bo liao*"

Yaya: why say like tat?
"Oh, he HEARD it FROM PEOPLB WO (我听人家讲ho)"

People, when you get bored, you can talk about sports or meeting. Is it human's nature to gossip? Yes, you can, but most of the gossips u HEARD it from people. Going through the process of few people adding pepper and salt....

A to B: They patto liaw...

B to C: They going to marry lo..

C to D: heard that got baby liaw wo...

D to E: heard that planning to marry only, if no $$ no marry....

Sometimes I find strangers are more good-hearted than your friend.

I can stand whatever people say, but I cannot stand when people talk about THAT topic. It's serious, it's to the limit and it affects my life! Ask me to get the real story. Add too much salt will lead to kidney problem, u might die lo.

Fed up with people who talk as what they think. Duuhh...

Potluck Party & Chloe Day 4

Ofcourse, a party for the year end is a must. It was a busy day. Thanks to CTV ( chien, ah Tan, and Vincent) and Hua for coming early in the noon to help me.

Ah Tan's spaghetti is really delicious and PRO.
Chien's vege is healthy and not salty.

Long-time-no-meet friend from Aussie came too.

Zamal missed his flight! How could he?? Disappointed :(

Mina hungry ho XD

The NICEST part...BINGO!

1st: Hazmey
2nd: Chris
3rd: Ken or Stan?

Spot Stan's trademark :)


"Chloe" Day 4...

Aiks x.x I think we forgot to reshoot the unsatisfaction.

I almost cant shoot today because of a SMS. Mood is important for shooting, it affects your performance. I totally down and TOTALLY cant shoot lo. Thanks to Eric for the lame jokes and 三国演义stuffs =.=

And happy to hear from director "Thanks for the hard work". Lucky I can make it in the end or I will be wasting the casts n crew time. Sorry about it friends.


Friday, December 19, 2008


Was doing my braces...

Yaya: Doc, I feel pain here (pointing below my ear). I feel pain when I yawn.

Doc: owh, tat's your joint. Dont open your mouth too big.

I told my parents about it,

Dad: ohh, I think because you open ur mouth too wide when you laugh.

Then whenever I laugh, my mom will ask me not to laugh =.= Good excuse for making me quiet huh.

Everytime, including today, when I go Miri, I will see a group of pigs "window shopping" on the road. I always thought the Malays would mind. May be miri malays dont, but if this happens in Brunei, say BYE to the driver.

Tomorrow will be a great day. Gotta meet friends who came back from KL and Australia~~~~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Xmas!

Helo people,

Holiday activities for u! I would like to inform you that my aunt is organizing a Family Weekend Festival located at Yayasan Shopping Complex from the 26th to 28th December 2008. Under the attachment is a poster about the festival. There will be a lot of interesting activities such as colouring contests and huge bouncers and more!


At Christmas you decorate a pine tree with baubles and tinsel. Where does this custom come from?

People in Norway and Sweden used to build their wooden houses round a large pine tree. The tip of the tree was left free and decorated when the roof is completed. The reason for this was that people thought a tree god lived in each tree. The decorations were supposed to keep the tree god happy.

Our Xmas tree tradition grew from this pre-Christian custom. To this day, however, in many parts of Northern Europe, a small fir tree is often fixed to the top of a new house to bring its owner luck.

Send me an Xmas tree^^

Cosmetic lover~ This is Anna Sui's 2008 xmas collection. Eyes drop le~

heartz the ring~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Knowledge is important to us

Since holiday, have to take courses to update myself.

Brought Chien to try the experiment

Today, went Bandar to explore something different.

Isnt this pink Xmas tree is cute? I wana carry it to my home^^
It's at i-TOP

Tomorrow......... 3 aunties will be off to tamu~

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Xmas exchange gift party

Went to St Margaret Churh for the Xmas party! It's always fun going to Church. You'll get to know people and learn something.

Harvey (spelling?) the doctor. Patient would be happy visiting a funny, handsome doc XD
Patients wouldn't be happy if doc make fun of them x.x

OK I actually want to take the pic of food~

Met teacher Cheng who is one of the organiser I think. She can talk about anything!
Chien looks so happy taking pic with me

I receive this bracelet "What would Jesus do"

They believed that Jesus brought us to meet together. They talked about "what is LOVE"?

I receive this email which I find it nice:

'Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs.'

'Love is what makes you smile when you're tired.'

'Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more.
My Mummy and Daddy are like that. They look gross when they kiss'

'Love is when Mummy gives Daddy the best piece of chicken.'

'Love is when Mummy sees Daddy smelly and sweaty and still says he is handsomer than Robert Redford.'

'I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones.'

'Love is when Mummy sees Daddy on the toilet and she doesn't think it's gross.'

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mr Greedy

Human is born greedy. You hope to have what you don have, and u afraid of losing what u have.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Good words:

Chien: 处nu座 is....

Yaya: Virgin

Chien: Virgo la!!


Yaya: I think girls are more cleverer than man

Soon: Just like what people say "God create penis for man, and create brain for woman."


Yaya: Is that FU effective?

Dylan: 大事化小,小事化无


People who born on Feb 10th are born to accompany me? I have some friends who born on Feb 10th, Evon and Chien are 2 of them.

I 1st met Evon when we're calling our parents to pick us up, and I 1st met chien at.....primary school? Me and Evon always stick together wherever we go. We went shopping, TV, cooking, trips, sleep, etc. She knows how to do house work and cook. Don't you think it's good to have a friend like this? So she always cook for me, and help me when I have doubt. I remember she slapped me for a joke =.= a small joke...

Evon (I know I look geek)

When Evon left me to New York, I guess Chien is my new target? haha We play ball together, and hang out. She knows how to cook too and do house work. Today, she cooked mee hun for me to show her skill. It's a failure lo. XD Well, people learn from mistake. And we can chat whole day, we even can chat for 1 hr on the phone.


Both of them are really sister-xio. Chien gonna cook for my party! And may be clean my house after the party XD

Their similarities: They asked me to go tamu with them.

I told Chien, one of the happiest thing of friendship is, sending foods to them. Chien agrees! One of my victim of eating my milk jelly is Ah kuang. Lucky he's safe.

One more friend, JJ, born on feb 11th. She's my girl friend who helps me a lot too. *kiss*


Aiya, Ming also good la. Don't say I forget you.

Y'all are good too. So many friends, impossible to mention all gua.

"You are born to make me happy~" by Britney spears


"Im born to make you happy~"

Friday, December 12, 2008


Actually today going to Miri, but not jadi because no entry permit =.= Wasted $6 for crossing the bridge. Who's fault? Government?? I thought the immigration is responsible for making a complete passport before handing it to the customer. How if there's emergency that I have to go somewhere, but just because of the entry permit chop I have to delay everything.

After returning back to Seria then I feel super bored x.x

Im heading to KL for few days on the year end. I dono if I want to buy with all my pleasure since I just have my house renovate. Well, I have aim some stuffs.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Woman and health

Let me tell you my knowledge. Do you know what causes wrinkles?

1. sleeping style

2. Shampoo. We have to use weak acid shampoo to reduce wrinkles. Or else you can see soft wrinkles on ur head.

3. DIY fruit mask. I talk about this another time.

Did you know that we have to drink water at PH 7 or 8? It's neutral. As we eat meat, so we have to drink PH value 8.


Oh my god~ Chien said, "Every women has a chance to get disease." Whatever cancer is frightening, especially breast cancer. You will be having one breast and another part being chop off and stitched which cause scar! !@#$%^& I hate scars.

So woman, take good care of yourself. These disease is unpredictable. I want to be pretty, sexy, jumpable and breast-able forever.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


There are many types of insurance. Now im talking about life insurance. Tell me what's the purpose of life insurance. They pay you after you die. Who need those $$ after u die unless u have a family. When u're still alive, u work hard to earn $$. But after you die, u have more than u earn!! So why life insurance?

Just back from my class. My brain kinda sesat. Cant absorb too much XD


News: Click HERE and HERE.

They take nice photos with good camera. I'm aiming for my own good camera now. It must be a pink one ^^ Next dream, a photographer? But I want to be in the photos~ ><

Gonna out for business class! My love when talking about earning money. Love working life! opps...should be "Love being lao ban niang".

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Super Girl is me

I have three part time jobs (call me Super Girl), one of them is unpaid and interesting job (filming). Another job is new experiencing which I'm someone's assistant. The last one would be...I have joined this job but it will start anytime when I'm ready as I have to collect info of products. The last job would be a pressure one for me. These are just side income. I'm looking for a full time job then I will be a Super Girl with 4 jobs XD I can handle 10 jobs.

I just received a news of V abused by parents. I only can give suggestions and I feel sad seeing V been treating like tat. I hated V before as V done bad things to me, but well, me and V had a nice memory that I could hardly forget. Still V is my best to the best bro, so would help V whenever V needs. Hope the problem will be solved.

I wonder if businessmen do not satisfy to what they sell. Because they always say how good are their products, but do they 100% satisfy with the products?

Im so pissed off these days...

Monday, December 8, 2008

"Chloe" Day 3

Director is always the one who wait for the casts and crews. I always reach on time, only today late few mins ^^

Again, 3666 one of the casts

Sam, the pattern designer (dono what I mean, watch and u'll know)

Director: Shot today is very funny hahaha

From left to right: Sam, Nick, Lorin, yaya, summer, Amy
Nick and Amy, very hardworking and helpful
Lorin, soi po *opps*

My trademark sarcastic smile

Shot today....

I feel the original me as I don need to "memorize" the script. The a bit jealous + a bit show off + a bit manja + sarcastic me. I had my "trademark word" in the shot too. Watch and u'll know.

I find the filming work is getting interesting from time to time. Kinda addicted! I'm kinda more into the shot from time to time! Hope it will be good for the coming shot.

I found that some Bandar-ians the City boys kinda sakai when I brought them to OGDC. They never see skate boarding?? =.="

Sunday, December 7, 2008


No blogging, coz go out early came back late.

On sat, to Bandar! Gadong Day! Went to unitek and bought LOTS of cds.

Today, to Bandar! Kiulap Day with family!

Finally, for years going to Bandar with my fam, no need to go Teo Poi Hon again. We went to Thien Thien for lunch and Korean restaurant for dinner.

I intro this Korean restaurant to my family as I went there one time with JJ. Good news "I know there's a Korean restaurant at Kiuulap!" Bad News: " But I dono which way to go la".

Korean foods are spicy! This is pancake, very nice!

Guess who I saw!? IZAN!! She's not as friendly as on AIR. Ofcourse, you don smile to whoever ma.

Tomorrow "Chloe" Day 3. ...

Friday, December 5, 2008


Aren't we born amazing? I always have lots of questions about human beings.

What's truly amazing is the sperm and egg. We are made of them. Sperm and egg fertilize to form embryo and slowly to a baby.

Sperm and egg grow again to a kid, then lao ah po. These unseen creatures in our body slowly grow into big creature. Isnt that amazing? Look into a mirror, u are sperm and egg!!!

Because of these creatures, we grow from kids with smooth skin to teens with pimply skin...THEN to wrinkles skin. Amazing?

We have organs, lungs, heart, kidney, liver, nose, hair....all made of sperm and egg!!!



p/s: when i search for the image, YUCK. the biological picture of sperm and egg so disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!! Im happy that im nt bio student.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

BAN & Paiseh x infinity

Even restaurants see me, they would automatic bring warm water for me. As my friend for 15 yrs, you know what I want to drink in restaurants?

May be you wont realise that I always ask for warm water. I don like to drink soft drinks, I would feel like diabetes is coming (CHOI). Unless, I want to try something else. Before, Im more boring. I would always order warm water and Kolomee w/o looking the menu. Every restaurants sure has kolo mee right? And now, I always order warm water and chicken rice. I love juices too!

Did you know that Yaya don eat snacks? I would feel like pimples is coming. Snacks are salty and very unhealthy. SAY NO TO THEM! I only eat french fries w/o salt.

I know how to eat nasi lemak but I dont like it. But if people buy it for me, I would eat la. I would eat anything even though I don like, except for bitter and salty stuffs.

Yaya don eat Ice cream too! Well well, everything that I don eat but I know how to eat. Just don eat in my daily life nia.

I love chicken heart. XD


First time go petrol station, paiseh many many.

At 1st, I thought my fuel tank can open itself. The girl ask me to open it. But I opened the car front =.= 丑1

2nd-ly, I really didnt know where to open so I ask her if she knows. 丑2

3rd-ly, as Im nt that familiar with KB road, going out from the petrol station, I used the wrong lane. 丑3

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Director of "Chloe" has something to say CLICK


Hello people, I want to learn IT, short term one. Like few months, instead of few years. Just wanna fill my spare time. Any recommendation of school?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


To make a successful life, the deja vu person:

- Becomes aware of his dreams, desires, talents and other treasures of his soul.

- Listens to them and values them as life itself.

- Takes steps to develop them, beginning in very small ways.

- Seeks coaching and help to make them grow.

- Does not care as much about his results as his essence, but just continues to express them wherever he can.


Guys always want a pretty girlfriend. Unlike girls choosing guys, qualification, salaries and position is not necessary. Guys send CV to girls, Girls send their profile.

Information like weight, so that they can carry u on the wedding; body measurement, small waist, big breast and big butt? Big butt can show how many babies can you produce.
Weight= if you want babies, don expect ur wife can be as slim as before. If you don want babies, don expect you can find a wife.

Human gets old, include guys. Because wife with wrinkles and plumpy body, breast's shape changes, so there's always case like "second wife". Second wife normally goes to younger and prettier, don forget, 2nd wife gets old too. Unless you marry to a "fake" body or robot.

Before marriage, say "Nevermind if you do not know how to do housework. We can hire a maid."

After marriage, electricity and water fees, foods and GIRL shopping, when expenses turning like a sea, "really need a maid meh?"

Survey: Majority, girls think guys always spend on unnecessity, guys like to buy stuffs for girls to make them happy.

Guys expect the gf would be happy to see lots of pressie. But girls think, "WHY SPEND SO MUCH!?" May be this happens to girls who are not tat rich. Well, it depends.

My opinion: Girls feel happy when you never forget to buy them stuffs. But that's not what that make them happy. Honesty will do.

Few friends of mine face this. The BFs would buy stuffs for them and ended up a slap! Girls are weird?

Survey (minority): Girl accept everything you give, u feel happy right? Girls turn more greedy and ask u to buy more! Say BYE to ur cash!

My opinion: Not all guys like pretty girls. They HOPE the gf is pretty, but it doesn't matter. Guys want to make the girls think they are nice, so pressie increase & $ decrease. (can be good and bad)

Why guys like to abuse themselves? Doubt me =.= And after marriage, then they turn as karit as possible.

Call me a doctor

"Chloe" casts and crews

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hairspray & CV

Hairspray is nice!

Tracy is cute, nice voice, nice face, nice moves!! Love her eyes, like very cartoon fake.

Love these songs:


Never ever write this kind of CV:

Name: Ah Boy

Age: Still young

Sex: Never. Still under age

Religion: I only have experience prayingmy cat who dead 2 years before

Race: I love to race, how you know?

Nationality: I don't like National, I prefer Sanyo

IC Number: 6735

Telephone number: House no telephone

Hand phone number: 3310

Address: Penang Jelutong

City : Nor Haliza?

Postcode: I never post anything

State: In my family, I am 2nd

I love to travel to Canada

Marriage status:

Email Address: Hotmail

Education Background: My teacher said not bad

Working experience: Last time got sell pirated VCD

Father's name: Daddy

Father's IC: You ask him lah..

Mother's name: Mummy

Mother's IC: You ask her also lah..

Current Salary: Depends on my daddy mood

Expected Salary: As much as you can pay

When can start work:
Depends on my mood

Highest qualification: Ya, very high

Grade: Ya, very high

College/University: College

Signature: Can I use chop?