Thursday, August 28, 2014

Improve your skin & body with Cellglo Creme 21

Skin problems? Acne? Want to look younger? Getting married!? Wanna have flawless skin? Please read on.

Some of you know that I have skin problem since teen. I have sensitive skin, acne grow easily on me, I had serious break outs during puberty. I then tried variety brands of skin care, went facial, went to see doctor or get some formulas in pharmacy. 

As time goes by, my face are not full of acne anymore but leave scars. Scars are hard to get rid off, most skin cares don't work in healing the scars. Normally people go for treatment, laser or surgeries which are painful. I thought of laser, but at the moment, I don't have the guts yet. Laser burnt your skin and regrow. As for my skin, I have to do for times, probably more than 3-4 times to get a flawless skin. 

I tried lots of skin care but they don't heal my scars and they don't work well on my acne. My face still grow acne during my period, so what I used before was a cream from clinic. The cream dries up my acne and few days later it healed. BUT my skin dries up a lot with skin peeling off. It's painful sometimes. It takes days do get moisturized using masques, sometimes it affect my make up. 

Then few months back, I tried this skin care, Cellglo Creme 21, formulated in France. It's a moisturizer with lots of benefits. It's amazing which I decided to introduce to you or people who have skin problems. 

Why I like it so much at first?
1. It works on me! I was amazed.
2. Believe it. My acne actually healed or got smaller the next day after I put on this. It depends. If bigger ance, it takes 2-3 days. 
3. It doesn't dry up skin. My skin is still moisturizing. 
4. It moisturizes my eyes area too.
5. My scar is slightly healed after 2 months of using it. I hope it can continue healing. Miracle please come to meeee.

Before I further to the details and the scientific part which some people may not understand (I don't understand too but I know a lil, I'm not a scientist anyway. If you wanna know more about the ingredients, or how they work scientifically, you may Google it), let me tell you how I get to know this product. 

How do I know this product?
I overheard two ladies talking, when I had an event for make-up, I heard they were talking about how great this product works on them and their clients, the acne got smaller the next day, skin is smoother, how make up looks flawless after the application, skin is firmer, teeth is whiter (I was like WHAT!?), etc. 

I approached them. I didn't ask much info on the details about the product, as from their conversation and expressions, I feel like I want to try la. So I bought one bottle from them. They weren't selling the product, nor they are the salesperson, they are the users and were discussing about it, and I overheard.

And it worked on me! So I tried just because I heard it was that good. Just like how you watch an advertisement. 

Why is this amazing:
1. Reverse aging
2. Rejuvenate cells
3. Elimination of wrinkles, fine lines, freckles, acne & dark circles + eye bags
4. Moisturize the skin of face and body
5. Whitening & glowing
6. Firming & lifting
7. Balance hormones
8. Detoxification
9. Minimize pores.
10. Suitable for sensitive skin.
11. Improves appearance of stretch marks 任臣纹

Suitable for any age. No matter teenagers, adults or elders. 

1. 98% smooth flow in the meridians
2. 98% protect skin
3. 98% enhance immune system. 

How to apply:
1. For face, it's 2 times a day, morning and night. Applicable for eyes area too.
2. Apply after cleansing your face. Do not put your own toner. Just apply Creme 21. 
3. Applicable to other parts of the body, because it detox. 

Breast firming too! When it's firm, it looks bigger. Phewitt~ I didn't try on my breast, but my friend who uses it too told me it works. 

I further ask more details for you, as some people would like to know the ingredients and stuffs. 

Quoted from Cellglo:

"Beautiful skin begins with healthy cells. Cellglo Creme 21 is created scientifically using exclusive innovative formulations used only by top beauty spas in France. The natural and ultra-active embryonic cells from plant placenta (Wild Soy Bean seeds) in Creme 21 proven to "Kick-start" cell growth and cell renewal processes."

Major Botanical ingredients:

Before & After:
I had big acne there. It then slowly recovers. Day 3 left a bit reddish there as my skin originally would be reddish after the acne heals. 

 It heals 凹凸洞 (the holes, how do you call that?), whiten and firm up.

Works on injuries too. 

All products from Cellglo are halal. 

If you're wondering about the teeth whitening I mentioned earlier, it's another product of the same brand. I'll talk about it in the next post. 

If you have problems on your skin or body, you can give this a try. I've used a lot of products but this really works on me. I've tried it, I'm using it, it's not harmful to human body as tested, it's satisfaction guaranteed, they use botanical ingredients which we normally refer them as "natural". 

One more! The reason why I introduce this is because, since I'm a make-up artist, it's important for brides to have a good and glowing skin on their wedding day. The make up works better after the application of this cream which in Chinese we say, 粉比较贴肤, then it would look natural. As some people with make up on, you can see how the make up doesn't blend into the skin well. So I think this is a good choice for brides la. 

Do no hesitate to send inquiries if you have any.  Contact me if you would like to know more or to have a try on this product. 
# / Whatsapp/ wechat : +673 867 0030
Facebook page:

Drink more water for better skin and healthy bodeh~

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New page and Model Search

Hello darlings! I'm here to announce that I have a Facebook page! Go 'Like' my page. I post my profile there, but at the moment, as you can see, my page only has a lil photos. I'm still waiting for my photographer to send me the beautiful photos so do check yea!

These are some make up and hair do that I have done.

My mate.

Hair dos and yupe, I do make up and hair for guys too.

The make up artists and models.

So this is my recent work. Thanks to my model Jessica. The bf (Kheang) and her never fail being so funny.

Below are the fail photos but funny ones.
When Kheang asked her "What are you doing?" Then she was controlling not to laugh.

When I say "Next pose!" lol Two xiao lang.

Do contact me if you need my services. I do make up and hairdo for bridal, dinner events, photo shoot, or any occasions. Thank you for your support :)

Model search
Lastly, I'm searching for models for makeup and hairdo. No matter you're short or long hair. I'll take photos of you after the makeup and hairdo session. Spare me around 2+ to 3 hours for the whole session or more if you have more time for me to try out more hairstyles. 

You may be chosen to get a free makeup & hairdo for any occasions (except for bridal) you're attending. For example, if you're attending a wedding dinner or a prom night, you stand a chance to get a free session from me. You can choose your preferred make up and hairstyles. 

If you're interested, inbox me a photo of you (preferably bare face) at my Facebook page, or my personal Facebook account, or email me at No matter you're a close friend to me, or not so close friend, or someone who I totally don't know, you are welcome to email me. You can share this with your friends too. Good luck & Thank you :) 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The ladies hit Sunway Lagoon!

This is one of my happiest moment in KL, girls out at Sunway Lagoon! When we gather like this, it means we made it to the end from our effort, urm...I mean we are graduating la. We had long discussion about this outing, I thought I wouldn't make it as I don't wanna be so troublesome for them to keep changing schedule to accommodate my time. And one problem with a big group of girls' outing in a water park is the period time~ But we are lucky that we are blood-free!

The lagoon had great promotion which is Buy 1 Free 1, so we each person paid RM45 only for the ticket. It wasn't too crowded as we went on a weekday, so no long Q!

I'm a coward here. So I didn't join them in the 360 degree pirate ship and some creepy Egypt walk (it's a museum in a dark room and someone scares you behind the wall). I wished I'm brave enough to ride the pirate ship but I already shit my pants by just looking at the people riding. 

But I'm a brave lady when it comes to water rides! I can't swim but at least I feel it's much safer than the dry thrills.

This Vuvuzela is always AWESOME!

I played 4 times! Was exhausted partly from the long stairs walking up to the starting point. It's even thrilled if you ride with a big group of people or heavier people, the force word: KIK!

If you never seen vuvuzela, it's the one behind! The big horn!
We were getting ready to ride the slide which our head go down first. I was afraid of this when I last went months ago, but they kept asking me to join. So...yay..lucky I did. 

It wasn't that scary, maybe after too much rides of vuvuzela. LOL

Q-ing for the 4d cinema. 

Not forgetting to selfie when we eat too ><

Q-ing for airgun.

Glad I met these awesome people. I didn't have much close classmates till we practice for the exam everyday. We exchange ideas, lunch together etc that made us closer. I just remember they are much younger than me but I don't feel that way. 

Actually I feel bad about something till today. One of them passed and asked me if I wanna eat the bread then I said "Oh, no thank you. I've just eaten." x.x I'm not sure if that's purposely for me or not, but she didn't keep asking. If me ah, I would just keep pushing "Eat la. I buy for you one le. *blink blink*." Anyway, I feel bad la a bit, sigh. I hope this happy moment had made her forget how I rejected the bread. haha. 

I can't thank you enough for these people who have brighten my life in KL in many ways. I love you all muahz muahz.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boat Noodle Malaysia

One day, Yuet Ling told me about this restaurant, Boat Noodle, I find it interesting and would like to try. Then I told my KL friends, urm, their response made me thought that I might not have this chance to try. But one day, when Suky and I were thinking where to have lunch, then we decided to try Boat Noodle! It's located at Empire Damansara.

This is the entrance of the building.
If I'm not wrong, from what I see, this building is apartments, and the ground floor are all restaurants. I saw Korean, western and a lot more cuisine.

very nice design of the building.

It's origin is from Bangkok. 
It was quite crowded and we need to Q even we went in the afternoon.

 The noodles come in little bowls with little portion that costs RM1.90. You need to order few bowls for a filling meal. The portion per bowl is like 2-3 spoons, pretty small, so you can order lots of bowls and that's what special about it!

They only serve 4 types, i.e. chicken dry and soup noodle, beef dry and soup noodle. 
The taste is just so-so to me. Most of my friends said it's not that delicious. To me, it's too salty, both dry and soup one. 
We ordered 8 bowls only, I ate 5 and didn't order more as it's not that tasty la. It's not bad, but it's not awesome, but there are people who love it so much. It's worth to try tho, it's great to have gatherings and compete between friends and see who eat the most!
5 bowls + a drink is quite a filling meal.

They even offer monopod for group selfies!

The traditional cup. I ordered the peach drink and it's very refreshing.

How many bowls can you eat, how tall can you stack? :)