Friday, August 1, 2014

Colmar Tropicale- French themed village

Hello darlings! I have better wifi now and so I can online more often tehee. I survived for so many weeks without wifi at my Malaysia home! But it was still OK because 3G in Msia is not that expensive as in Brunei, and sometimes I go to Caffe Bene order a cup of coffee and online using my tab for hours for research and YouTube marathon (Ima YouTube addict^^). Bringing laptop around is inconvenient, so ya, only tab. 

And now I'm in Brunei, will go to KL occasionally and not that often anymore, and moi is officially a professional make-up artist *wink*.

The other day, I visited Colmar Tropicale, which is also known as Beverly Hills Resort, in Bentong/Pahang. It's a French themed village at a hill. Fresh air, nice buildings, romantic...and that's why it's a place for pre-wedding photo shoot too. 

Entrance fee: RM12 for adults.

Went there with David, he always bring me to explore the awesome places; and opps, forgot to tell him to look at the lens ><

 the 60s kind of game. 

 Beautiful, ain't it?
These are the hotels.

 Swimming pool too, but..a bit dirty.

 That's a real goose.
It reminds me when Wu Zhun in 爸爸回来了said "那是鸟。鸵鸟。" Lol, if you watch, you know what I'm talking about.

Nothing much there, just look see look see, and take pictures. We had a drink before we leave. They have performances too like band. 

We ended our night with the famous Kepong Bah Kut Teh. Aiya, I don't know what's the shop name, but it's always super crowded la. It's yummilicious!

More updates coming up, xoxo.

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