Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New page and Model Search

Hello darlings! I'm here to announce that I have a Facebook page! Go 'Like' my page. I post my profile there, but at the moment, as you can see, my page only has a lil photos. I'm still waiting for my photographer to send me the beautiful photos so do check yea!

These are some make up and hair do that I have done.

My mate.

Hair dos and yupe, I do make up and hair for guys too.

The make up artists and models.

So this is my recent work. Thanks to my model Jessica. The bf (Kheang) and her never fail being so funny.

Below are the fail photos but funny ones.
When Kheang asked her "What are you doing?" Then she was controlling not to laugh.

When I say "Next pose!" lol Two xiao lang.

Do contact me if you need my services. I do make up and hairdo for bridal, dinner events, photo shoot, or any occasions. Thank you for your support :)

Model search
Lastly, I'm searching for models for makeup and hairdo. No matter you're short or long hair. I'll take photos of you after the makeup and hairdo session. Spare me around 2+ to 3 hours for the whole session or more if you have more time for me to try out more hairstyles. 

You may be chosen to get a free makeup & hairdo for any occasions (except for bridal) you're attending. For example, if you're attending a wedding dinner or a prom night, you stand a chance to get a free session from me. You can choose your preferred make up and hairstyles. 

If you're interested, inbox me a photo of you (preferably bare face) at my Facebook page, or my personal Facebook account, or email me at No matter you're a close friend to me, or not so close friend, or someone who I totally don't know, you are welcome to email me. You can share this with your friends too. Good luck & Thank you :) 

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