Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boat Noodle Malaysia

One day, Yuet Ling told me about this restaurant, Boat Noodle, I find it interesting and would like to try. Then I told my KL friends, urm, their response made me thought that I might not have this chance to try. But one day, when Suky and I were thinking where to have lunch, then we decided to try Boat Noodle! It's located at Empire Damansara.

This is the entrance of the building.
If I'm not wrong, from what I see, this building is apartments, and the ground floor are all restaurants. I saw Korean, western and a lot more cuisine.

very nice design of the building.

It's origin is from Bangkok. 
It was quite crowded and we need to Q even we went in the afternoon.

 The noodles come in little bowls with little portion that costs RM1.90. You need to order few bowls for a filling meal. The portion per bowl is like 2-3 spoons, pretty small, so you can order lots of bowls and that's what special about it!

They only serve 4 types, i.e. chicken dry and soup noodle, beef dry and soup noodle. 
The taste is just so-so to me. Most of my friends said it's not that delicious. To me, it's too salty, both dry and soup one. 
We ordered 8 bowls only, I ate 5 and didn't order more as it's not that tasty la. It's not bad, but it's not awesome, but there are people who love it so much. It's worth to try tho, it's great to have gatherings and compete between friends and see who eat the most!
5 bowls + a drink is quite a filling meal.

They even offer monopod for group selfies!

The traditional cup. I ordered the peach drink and it's very refreshing.

How many bowls can you eat, how tall can you stack? :)

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