Thursday, August 14, 2014

The ladies hit Sunway Lagoon!

This is one of my happiest moment in KL, girls out at Sunway Lagoon! When we gather like this, it means we made it to the end from our effort, urm...I mean we are graduating la. We had long discussion about this outing, I thought I wouldn't make it as I don't wanna be so troublesome for them to keep changing schedule to accommodate my time. And one problem with a big group of girls' outing in a water park is the period time~ But we are lucky that we are blood-free!

The lagoon had great promotion which is Buy 1 Free 1, so we each person paid RM45 only for the ticket. It wasn't too crowded as we went on a weekday, so no long Q!

I'm a coward here. So I didn't join them in the 360 degree pirate ship and some creepy Egypt walk (it's a museum in a dark room and someone scares you behind the wall). I wished I'm brave enough to ride the pirate ship but I already shit my pants by just looking at the people riding. 

But I'm a brave lady when it comes to water rides! I can't swim but at least I feel it's much safer than the dry thrills.

This Vuvuzela is always AWESOME!

I played 4 times! Was exhausted partly from the long stairs walking up to the starting point. It's even thrilled if you ride with a big group of people or heavier people, the force word: KIK!

If you never seen vuvuzela, it's the one behind! The big horn!
We were getting ready to ride the slide which our head go down first. I was afraid of this when I last went months ago, but they kept asking me to join. So...yay..lucky I did. 

It wasn't that scary, maybe after too much rides of vuvuzela. LOL

Q-ing for the 4d cinema. 

Not forgetting to selfie when we eat too ><

Q-ing for airgun.

Glad I met these awesome people. I didn't have much close classmates till we practice for the exam everyday. We exchange ideas, lunch together etc that made us closer. I just remember they are much younger than me but I don't feel that way. 

Actually I feel bad about something till today. One of them passed and asked me if I wanna eat the bread then I said "Oh, no thank you. I've just eaten." x.x I'm not sure if that's purposely for me or not, but she didn't keep asking. If me ah, I would just keep pushing "Eat la. I buy for you one le. *blink blink*." Anyway, I feel bad la a bit, sigh. I hope this happy moment had made her forget how I rejected the bread. haha. 

I can't thank you enough for these people who have brighten my life in KL in many ways. I love you all muahz muahz.

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