Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spy next door, must watch

Didn't go back Seria yesterday because last minute change day to do our project. Yesterday is the third time going to consumer fair, this time is to do observations.

Just now afternoon my parents came and we went for lunch.

Ah hua bought many dvds and I bought Final destination Part 1,2,3 and 4 because my friends said it's nice.

If this is not a secret, I will share. It will not be a secret after 9 years, so ask me after 9 years. Because this is sweet, funny and cute. He sometimes will tell me something and I will replied, "Again? No wonder u never invite me. hahahahahaha" XD Then he will say, "Nola nola, I actually want to invite u one."

I watch SPY NEXT DOOR! Nice, very nice and funny. MUST WATCH!

Something funny happened in the middle of the movie. I accidentally farted. ah hua asked, "Is that you?" "Hahaha, don't close ur nose, if not people will know it's me ba." Hello~ cannot stop it ok, not good for health. XD

Friday, January 29, 2010

Consumer fair 5

Today is my 2nd time going to consumer fair. Yesterday is the launching, and today is to visit the Winter Wonderland and buy something which didnt get to buy yesterday.

I may go for the 3rd time to do my project. Because need to do observation.

Very kek dao lo the winter wonderland, I thought need to wear jacket, like those 0 degree Celsius, sekali they put few air-con which you wont feel cold even, u might feel hot tim...
$1 per adult


Ah hua bought the interior design sticker to decorate his new room.
He bought the footprints design ^^ simple, cool, nice...

The cooking booths are the most interesting one for me.
Especially the chinese salesman, they talk funnily. Good skill to attract customers.

Not blogging for few days because I can't connect to mozilla altho I online.

Yesterday is the 1st time I cook dinner, not instant noodle but rice. Normally at hostel, I only help to cut vege and open cans. But because chien is coming back late so I was the chef. I cooked for 4 person, and they said HO CHIAK!!

Ah hua is one of them. I prepared two containers of the dinner, one for me and one for him. He said he has not appetite and asked whether I cooked a lot but in the end, he ate quarter of mine =.=He said too delicious wa. ^^ I did took a picture of it, but can't bluetooth to my phone, may be tomorrow I show u la ^^

Even susan who doesnt like baked beans, she said the baked beans is nice. ^^

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dare you?

I love my monday's lecture, Business communications! Although it's 4pm to 6pm, where people get hungry and tired easily, BUT I never feel that, I guess the others don't feel that too. Because our lecturers are all interesting, funny and cool. We have different lecturers every week and every lecturers are so cool!

Yesterday is a chinese lecturer, he speaks a bit chinese which made the malays don't get what he means, but the chinese keep HAHA-ing. Really ho-chio lo. He even included chinese words like 丢面子,给面子。。。

Ah Hua is back from Sawadeekap. He bought me so many things! Sleeping slippers, bag chain, Bag, bangles, umbrella and mountain of clothes. I thought I just told him my cabinet is going to burst. He's so nervous that the clothes are not my taste. Well, all pass. Hah, not that bad la. Hubby knows wify's taste.

Guys' taste for sure sometimes differ from girls'. But I appreciate everything he gives. Although may be not nice in terms of look, but meaningful in the quality. How many guys will go into boutiques full of girls and think about which clothes are suitable? Some guys will feel uneasy to be in there. Or this world has been modernised that all guys dare to go boutique alone and choose clothes for the girls? But I know my daddy and ah Hua do that when they go oversea.

I was so shocked when he told me that he bought a bag for me. I was like, "Hah!? can or not o?" Luckily, it's a sporty kind. ^^ I didn't say thank you properly but keep smiling waiting for the next pressie from his luggage. I'm thankful in my heart okay~ Thank you doesn't need to be beside the mouth every time. We 心相通ma.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I love surprise, how about u?

My parents and ah hua went abroad, so I'm the driver of the family since I came back from hostel. I drove out SOOO many times today.

1st: drove out to lim teh at universal.

2nd: out to bring my brothers to lunch.

3rd: out to pick up my bro from grandma's house.

4th: Suppose asked for delivery from Ideal, but the delivery man busy, then I have to go out to pick up again.

Hmm, doesn't look like too much, but consider much lo! Because the time between is just a little.

My parents just came back from Singapore, they didn't bought anything for me. Not because they forgot, but nothing which is suitable. They said give me some $ to buy clothes at Miri. Well, I don't mind and my clothes are enough. I need nothing too.

Hua's still at Thailand, before he went, I told x1000 times, "Don't need to buy anything for me ar. You buy somemore clothes, my cabinet is going to burst." Keke, he said me weird because people will request for pressies oversea. May be because he sometimes spends not little on me.

But looking at them taking things out from their luggage is always excited, although there's nothing for me, but there's always a surprise. U know, that kind of "feeling". Human loves surprise, don't u?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sun Burn scares me

Cup of hot chocolate brightens my day

These are the pictures taken at LLRC when we were having CHLOE gathering.

to the sea, to the sea...

to the sea, to the sea...

There is a funny pic of Sam, not sure he allows me to put at here or not.
Just check out of my FB.

I got a very serious sun burn. Now having blisters.
I was so shocked and scared when I see those, REALLY scary lo!
Ah Hua's at Sawadeekap, parents are at Lion King, I don't know what to do in a short while.
Chien asked if I want to go to hospital or not. How if it's just a small matter?
Haiya, hope can recover by chinese new year. Coz my clothes all very SE one lo.

I had table tennis training these two days, now I know how my opponents spin the ball which I never get to block it.
Hope ha hope, I can do well in this June's PSK.
I always think PSK is for PROs, never thought that I want to join. Since my coach asked to, then try la.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flavours @ Gadong

Ah Hua super stress, so accompanied him to dinner. We ate at Flavours.

A restaurant of chinese, western and local foods. The weak thing is the service. While the waiter is taking down our order, without saying 'excuse me', he went and talked to his friend. It's obviously rude because I was asking him questions and he turned back.

When we pay the bill, he passed us the receipt with one hand, put the receipt with a bit too much energy (almost consider as throw) on the table, turned back and talked to his friend again! So not professional. Customers don't need a professional waiter to serve, but at least served in a polite.

This is Java Float which written in the menu "Must Try".
It's a coffee float. May be i'm not a coffee lover so I don't think it's nice.

This is Oh Oreo Ice-Blended. This tastes much more better. But I think it's too watery.

I took pictures of our foods using hua's cam, forgot to bluetooth.
I ordered Chicken chop with baked rice. Costs $7.00.
Has cheese on top of the chicken chop. Not bad, makes you full.

Ah hua ordered grilled steak with french fries. $8.
I prefer my chicken chop ^^

Funnily, their clock looks like this. Anti-clockwise. haha

富貴門 is a hong kong series. A series which launched months ago, but I haven't watch. Now I'm watching. It's about money, family and love.
There are so many movies about husbands having gf outside, but this is the only series which makes me so angry of the husband. Makes me so angry when that guy raped the girl.
I think the actors are good, thy are SO GOOD in acting, making the story looks so real, makes me angry and sad. OH!!!!! great series.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

BBQ week

Yesterday, BBQ at Ming's.

That butterfly is real

How can he get such a big tummy!!?

This morning, BBQ again at LLRC with "Chloe"'s
I'm so worry about my skin x.x

We played games...

I kept winning lo...

Chris said that who's not wet are going to be thrown to the sea
This friend hide in the LLRC complex. Jayden acted like he has to go home (Jayd brought him)
This friend went into the car, and we started pulling him out! haha! scene was so funny.

Friday, January 15, 2010

One week of Okra

Brought Chien to shopping because she wants to buy some clothes for new year. Too bad, different tastes, most of the clothes are not her taste. But, still, she bought one ^^

Brought her to SKH to do ur watch and to Kanojyo (Japanese store) which is just next door. I feel like I'm a tour guide XD Happy shopping with her :)

It has been raining for one week! Everyday and full time. Hardworking also the rain. I still remember when I enter UBD for the 1st sem, it was very summer and the forests burnt. And now the beginning of sem 2, it rains everyday making floods.

I am making clear of an info, because a friend from NY told me that time is different in summer and winter. Will tell u when I understand everything. U know, my doubts are hard to solve.

There are many kinds of lady fingers, and I'm referring to this type (above) named Okra.

JJ told me that a friend ate lady fingers for one month for lunch and dinner, and the skin recovered. I tried this week eating broccoli, peas and lady finger without rice, I thought more vitamins if I eat variety of vege. But, no matter how, I think there's still a problem. How can human beings only eat green foods? For my understanding, humans should consumer different colours of foods for different kinds of vitamins. It's like, may be everyday, U have to eat red, black, green, yellow, orange, BUT NOT only green.

I searched for lady fingers, but I can't find why lady fingers can cure the skin or what it contains. I'll search next time as I need to go out soon ^^

I shouldn't eat BBQ anymore. Nevermind, I still can attend BBQ party but not eating it (only if I can control XD). I asked ming to make steamboat party but he said too many people and BBQ is more convenient. Sunday has another BBQ with 'Chloe''s casts and crews again. I'll bring my own foods.

Guess next week will be a bit busy because I guess that lecturers will announce what projects to do.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pictures keep memories

This is the massage stick I mentioned. Bought it from KK. Bought a mahjong one for my grandma.
I know it's cute ^^

I was drinking hot chocolate at home(Seria) and I thought if ah hua asks me what I want for valentine, I will say, "Hot chocolate."
But who knows, without me mentioning, he bought it already for me to drink at my hostel *lam^^*

These are some pictures taken on 1st Jan.
My legs tired wearing heels the whole day, my feet was resting at teng's

Visit Empire hotel because a friend from KL came.

Hah! like ah pek XD

Go away, paparazzi!

Thought for the whole, I decide to take 6 subjects for this sem.
urhh...hope I don't make wrong decision.

I saw one of the photos in FB of someone, and I find it very offensive.
When I was 15, I don't know how to edit pictures, make it ugly and bad, and show it to everyone, even now I don't do that too.
Really pity for the victim.
FB kills XD JK...only if those people don't make good use of it.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I hate ants! So many ants in my room.
I don't eat at my room. Pei ting said may be because my room is the 1st room, no rooms beside mine.
Bought ant killer, kill them!!!

Bo liao-ing

Act cute *puke*

Today, the 1st day of uni.
Like normal...